Hold me in the rain …(Vitharv – JnDsD) Episode 2

Thank u to all my dear frnds who had supported me. It really means a lot to me.
I may not be able to post the next episode soon as I’m having exams…but I will try my best to post ?
Here is the second episode of ‘Hold Me In The Rain’ .
Recap : atharv consoling vividha
Its morning..
Kailash kashyap is heading for a business tour to Gandhi Nagar.
Kailash : maa , I am leaving.
Indumati : beta , when will u return ?
Kailash : I will be here after one week.
(To vividha and guddi ) : I know that you both will study well. So I don’tt want to tell about that.
Take care of your health, ok beta.
Vivi and guddi : Ok papa , bye.
Kailash went . Guddi plays music and starts to dance on varun dhawan’s song ,”papa abhi 1 week ke baad1 hi ayega…”
While vividha bath and comrd and she is walking on the corridor. Suddenly someone drags her.
Vividha : athav , tum ! mujhe chodo naa, someone will see …
Atharv : (smiling) let them see us and know that how much I love you .
He drags her closer and share an eyelock . He is about to kiss vivi but she pushes him and runs.
Vividha : catch me if you can….
Atharv : vividhaaaa…..
They both run and reach downstairs . Dadi and guddii sees them.
Guddi : ( naughty way) didi, papa tho abhi abhi ghar we nikla hain…thum tho badi fast ho di ( smiling at atharv ).
Vividha : woh…
Atharv : ha guddi , mein tho tabele mein kaam kar raha tha , thabhi isne mujhe bulaya.
Vividha : atharv … ( she beats him with a pillow )
Dadi : thum donom tho aajkal bohoth shararati ban gaye ho.
Atharv : vividha is your granddaughters so she has to be naughty , right
By the I came this early morning not to set vividha .I came to meet u indumati ji.
Dadi blushes
Dadi : really , u came to meet me?
Atharv flirts with dadi. Vivi and guddi laughs watching this.
Later on they all sit and chat.
Atharv : waise indumati ji , mujhe ek bath batha do.Thum jaise romantic lady ko kailash kashyap jaise pathar man wala beta kaisa paida hua ?
Dadi ( laughs) : lekin us pathar ko phool bana diya tha , kisi ne.
Atharv, vivi and guddi : kya ?
Guddi : kisne dadi ?
Dadi : hain uska naam tha , gangotri.
Everyone is surprised to hear the name…

Precap : A new love story ?

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  1. Sunanda12345

    Nyc dear keep writing ??

    1. Sandy17

      Thank u di ??

  2. RAOne

    bhai thoko!!!! thoko!!!! keep going MAN all the best keep writing…. THOKO!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sandy17

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  3. o wow such a sweet episode I was smiling whole episode just amazing keep writing dear

    1. Sandy17

      Thank u dear and I will try to make u smile in coming episodes also ?

  4. sandy ???very nice dear… OK now waiting for a new love story…?
    best of luck for ur exams???

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  5. It’s fabulous episode dear keep writing dear ???????????????

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  6. Aliza111

    i dont understand the last part cauz i dont know hindi canu pls translate it . or u can write episode in hindi but translate in eng in brackets juz a opinion bcauz i loved ur ff more than mine ….. no words to express …. keep writing sandy ..

    1. Sandy17

      Of course aliza,
      ..atharv asks dadi that how come a stone hearted man has been born to a romantic lady(dadi)..so she replies that this stone was once converted to a flower and that was achieved by a woman named gangotri.
      Hope u understood
      I wrote in Hindi so that the correct feel can be brought that’s why…but I will surely translate the dialogues to English from the next episode ,ok ?
      Thank u soo much for ur support?

      1. Aliza111

        i know didi. for a hindi seriel hindi dialogues brings feel. but i cant understand hindi much so juz said . hope it wont be difficult for u right didi?

      2. Sandy17

        No dear it won’t be a difficulty?

  7. Zaina

    Sandy… its great…. study well… and all the best for ur exams

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      And I liked ur dp so much, its one of my fav scene ?

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    sady di rocks…. soo good n last part was awwwsome

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