If you hold my hands twinj (Part 3)

Hi everyone , hope everything is awesome I know all are excited with many things so let’s continue

The episode starts with

Twinkle coming out wearing a backless skin color frock ( which even didn’t cover her booms properly literally it was seeing )

and setting her hair proper and trying to tie the thread ( like its a Dori think of thing behind the frock

Adi comes and sees her he sees her from top to bottom (in a bad way ) and comes from behind and starts to smooch her bare back and acts to fail tieing the thread

T : Adi fast na , we are getting late
A : wait baby
And ties
A:here done

Twinkle does a little makeup and takes her purse and says done , he holds her by waist and presses her hard , twinkle kind of felt uncomfortable but still didn’t react

They reach the mall

A : baby u wait here I will be back
T: ohk
And hugs him , he sensually brings his hand and touches her bare back
Twinkle breaks the hug
T : come back soon
A: sure babe

He goes and twinkle’s eyes catch a dress ( it was a black shaded long dress without any nets and it was not backless ) she think I wish to wear those clothes but Adi don’t like it I guess .

She gets into thoughts and she bumps into someone , they both fall down and twinkle is down and the person is on top , the person’s face is shown who is no other than KUNJ SARNA , he was lost in her eyes , but comes back to senses after a while , he gets up and helps her get up

K: I am so sorry I was in a hurry
T: no its ok
K: are you waiting for someone ?
T: yeah my bf
K: oh
K:I am here with my besties
T: wow
K:I am kunj kunj Sarna
T:hmmmmm I am twinkle twinkle taneja

They both get engaged in talking and Adi comes saying twinkle baby
Twinkle gets conscious
T: hey baby , this is kunj
A : hey Athiya khan
K : hey kunj Sarna

T: Adi so let’s have ice cream na
T: kunj why don’t you join us
K: me ?? I guess you guys should spend time together ……. As in my friends will come now ! So you guys carry on
T:ohk , nice meeting you bye
K: bye

Kunj goes and adiwi (Adi and twinkle) goes to a shop
T:bhaiya , two ice creams
A: Adi holds twinkle by waist
T: Adi stop it someone will see
A : no one will baby

Ice cream comes and they both get engaged in eating ice creams and without twinkle knowing he takes her some vulger pictures

At the same time kunj thinks : twinkle seems to be a nice girl but still , why does she wear so damm exposive clothes , btw I don’t care

Adiwi has ice cream and by mistake ice cream falls on twinkle’s dress ( maybe purposely by Adi )

T: shit my dress
A: don’t worry baby i have a friend he has a room here at 307 let’s go there
Adiwi reaches the room ,

T: wow Adi the room is awesome omg look my favorite flowers
A: you like it
T:ya who could not
T:btw , do I have any dresses to change
A:ya , let me check

After few minutes he comes out bringing a bikini Saree
Twinkle was kind of shocked
T: Adi what’s this
A: Twi baby only this is available here
T: ok fine I will stay in this cloth itself
Adi thinks shit my plan flopped I have to do something

Adi brings water for Twi and purposely acts to fall and the whole bottle of water falls on
twinkle and her dress

T: oh shit
Now whole body ,her booms and everything is so dam visible

as a flashback is shown

Twinkle goes to get ready and sees all her bra missing she had no other choice not to wear that as it was too late

Fb ends

Adi gets close to her and touches each and every other part acting to clean it , twinkle tries to stop him but no use

T: Adi I have only one choice to wear this bikini Saree
A: what to do baby
T: Adi go out and buy me a dress

Adi says ok and tries to open the door and sees it locked , he acts and says the door is jammed but in fb it shows his friend locks it from outside fb ends

Adiwi checks their phone and sees the phone switched off

Twi tries to control the freeze as the AC is on 20°c

A (acts ) : Twi if you don’t have believe in me then don’t change but if you believe in me you will and its so damm cold

T:Adi I believe you and yes I will change

After sometimes she comes out uncomfortably and adjusts her dress
Adi was eyeing her

Suddenly twinkle drips and falls on Adi , he is top of her , he puts his hand on her waist and presses it and his face on her booms and smooches it , suddenly twinkle sees their position and pushes him off

A : I am so sorry twinkle I didn’t mean to ………,………
T: i………its……. Ok Adi

They both sit on the bed and Adi serves food ( Twi’s food is mixed with sleeping pills )

Twi eats and dozes off. Adi makes her lay on the bed and comes close to her , he moves back and remember something he ons his phone and takes pictures with her as in sleeping so dam close , putting his face on her booms and many

Suddenly he gets a call

V: I am the messenger Adi ,I have told you but you never understood it and I am saying it again if something happens to twinkle then …… I will assure you a room in xyz hospital
A:oh really
V: yes Adi , I know you and twinkle is in ABC hotel so better
A : hello hello , he gulps

He thinks something , he calls his another gf ( she is a b*t*h ) she changes twinkle’s dress and Adi writes a note and goes home .

After 2-3 hours

Twinkle gets up sees her dress changed and gets shocked and sees a note on the table

Note : hey twinkle I know you are shocked , but I didn’t change the dress my sis did I got an important call from office need to go , the door is open bye see you

Twinkle smiles and sees some other dress on the table

Its a blue damaged jeans and shoulder less top ( actually it was Adi’s gf’s but Adi took her dress and made her Wear bikini Saree and they are making out from another room )
Twinkle comes out and waits for a taxi , kunj sees twinkle
K: hey twinkle
T:hey kunj
K: where’s your bf
T: he have his work
K:ohk , you r going somewhere
T:ya my house actually I am not getting a taxi
K: I will drop you home
K:ohk then come

Precap : twinj stuck in twinkles house , twinj watches movie and get carried away and get romantic

I hope its long as in its 5 pages I hope all like it

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  3. Ues hope this adi gets exposed soon.
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  5. Love this ff! Its so mysterious and romantic at the same time! Excited to keep reading! Good job 🙂

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  7. Awesome episode loved it eagerly waiting for the next episode

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