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If you hold my hands twinj (Part 2)


hey guys are you having an amazing day off course yes so let’s continue ff

Recap : twinkle goes to meet Adi , we all saw he is not that good

So let’s continue

Twinkle reaches home and slowly goes to her room and changes her dress to a 3/4 pants and white top and comes down

And shouts Maa , she doesn’t find her mom suddenly she finds a note on the table

Letter : twinkle putar ,

I am going to London as your dad is not feeling well , I will be back in one week
Take care putar will miss you


She goes to her room and takes her phone

T: hello Adi come home
A: what ????
T:haa Maa and papa went to London for business needs

After an hour Adi comes

She comes and hugs him , he too responds and starts to smooch her body

T: Adi why did you take so much time to come
A: actually I bought something for you
A: ya

He gives her a packet , she takes it and runs to her room to change

She comes back and she is wearing a blue netted backless top her stomach is visible and a very small floral mini skirt

A: twinkle you looks so damm hot !!!!
T:stop it yaar (blushing)

Adi and twinkle goes to her room

Adi serves her wine , she is totally got the kick she doze off

Adi makes her lay on the bed and traces his finger through her body , suddenly he gets a call

Call voice : hello is this athiya khan
A: yes
C.v: I am a messenger , if you dare to touch twinkle in a bad way I asure you a room in xyz hospital
A:hello……..hello….. Who is this
The phone cuts , poor Adi got scared and goes to the couch and sleeps


Twinkle gets up and sees Adi on the couch

Twinkle thinks : omg I am so lucky to have Adi , look if it was someone else he would have took advantage of me
I am so happy

She goes to Adi and caresses his hair by the time Adi got up

Twinkle hugs him tightly , he too hugs her back and acts to be emotional and digs him face on her neck and shoulder and presses her waist , he unwantely breaks the hug and keeps him hands on her thighs ( remember she is wearing a very small mini skirt )

T: come let’s go out
A: ohk baby
Twi smiles

Precap : twinj meets , again phone call for Adi , twinj again meets

Credit to: Tanya

  1. Nice….I guess that phone call is of kunj…..

  2. Yes I too guess the same rashi.epi was very good Tanya….ctd soon

  3. Even I feel the call is from kunj.. anyways, the episode was nice.

  4. What’s the mystery behind this Adi? nd history of kunj…. nd that phone call ? Hold on…( for me ) .. I know very soon I will get it answered from ur upcoming episodes…. too good..

  5. awesome hope the caller is kunj

  6. Nice epi …

  7. Amazing epi n hope calller is kunj….

  8. awesomeeeeeeeeee

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