If you hold my hands twinj (Part 1)


Hi guys so I am here to write an ff on twinj , so let’s go and the new characters will be introduced on the journey of the story

So here it goes

A girl is sleeping in a bed (the bedroom is like a princess bedroom) , suddenly her phone rings
Girl (sleepy voice ) : hello
Voice : hey baby
Girl : hey darling ,
Voice : I need to meet you today at xyz hotel
Girl : sure dear

The girl’s face is shown she is our Punjab pathaka twinkle

Twinkle goes to get ready

Twi comes out wearing a white one piece netted ( which was not even able to cover her whole body ) she wears a long jacket ( as her mom won’t find out what’s she wearing )

Twi comes out and shouts maa I am leaving chinki is waiting for me (its a lie )

Twi gets to the car and starts to drive

She reaches xyz hotel

She calls the person whom called her in the morning
T: where are you ?
V: here itself baby , come to room no.999
T:ohk my cutie

She goes to no.999
Knock knock someone opened the door
She shouts with happiness Adi
A:yes its me cutie athiya khan
She hugs him , he too hugs her but his hug is different while hugging her removes her jacket he is smooching her tightly and bringing his hand on her bare back and exposed flesh
She breaks the hug ,
T : I am tooo hungry
A : come on sweet heart I will serve you
He goes to bring a plate of breakfast and twinkle goes and sits on the bed
A: baby everyday you eat by yourself but today I will make you eat

He makes her eat , she bites chilly by mistake and cries. He gives her cold water and purposely pours on her dress , now she is completely wet , her dress is drenched . he acts to be sorry and touches her bare body ,

T: oh dear what will I do now
A : don’t worry darling , why are you tensed when I am here
T: I know you are the best , she kisses him on the cheeks and hugs him , he too hugs Her and smooch her bare body
T:Adi get me a new dress
A:ohk baby

He goes , after 1hour he comes back
A: here you go
T: tysm and she goes

After an hour she comes back
She wore a pink extermely short dress with bare back only a thread is covering her shoulders and back

Adi is totally mesmerized in her beauty and moves closer to her , he touches her back and kisses her shoulders and they were too close for a lip kiss when
Twinkles phone rings , twinkle checks and says oh no maa , I am sorry baby I have to go bye
She wears the jacket and goes

Adi thinks omg itni hot yaar , twinkle be ready to be mine forever ever .

[ guys I know you are angry with me , as I made a story like this but believe this is needed for the ff , like then how kunj supports her , many things I am so sorry but between twinj also I will make more intense romance and twinkle is from London so she don’t mind this and all , and twinkle always says she goes to meet chinki when she goes to meet Adi ]

Precap : Adi and twinkle gets drunk , they both doze off together but a twist

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Credit to: Tanya

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