Hold my hands OS

Hi guys…….this is my first story so bear my mistakes.i am not that much fluent in English.
Let’s get into the story…….

One fine day……….

Girl 1: please do come and join us possesses
Girl 2: no way bulbul I don’t like to come with you as I don’t like theme parks and you know very well that I am afraid of water.

Yes you guessed it’s none other than Pragya and bulbul.
After a long time bulbul convinced Pragya to come with her.

They both went to theme park and enjoyed….
Bulbul asks Pragya to come and join with her for a ride in the goast rider,initially she refused but after that she too joined with her.
But bulbul sit at one end before Pragya sits someone sits besides her.
So Pragya sits behind bulbul and closed her eyes because of fear.
At that time she heard a voice…..
Guy: excuse me ms chashmish pls take it bag I have to sit hear
Pragya was surprised to see his eyes it’s killing her like anything so she is not in sense…….
It’s our hero abhi……?
Abhi:uffff what a girl she is!!!!!!(he took her bag and kept it with him and made her to wear her seatbelt.

The ride started…….
Pragya was in a peak of fear…..
So she hold his hand tightly……

Now abhi felt some strange feeling….and his heart tells him not to leave her hand…..so he too held her hand tightly.

After the ride…….
Bulbul: diiiiiiiii pls come all r watching you both……..
But they was in a dream land…….
Bulbul shook Pragya continuously…..
Both came to sense and looked each other hand………..

Mere haath me tera hath ho song plays…….
Both get down and went and abhi looked Pragya till she moves out…..

Daily they think about each other and slowly fell in love without seeing after that…

After 5 months……(valentine’s day)
Again she came to the same park with the hope to see him.
So she goes to the same rider and sit on the same place……..
She closed her eyes a tear coming from her eyes……
At that time she felt someone holding her hand…..
She opened her eyes and shocked to see him
The ride over…….
Abhi thought she doesn’t remember him as she is not speaking with him so he down from his seat the same time Pragya hold his hand and said “can I hold your hand till my last breath”

The end……….

Thanks for reading guys and sry for my mistakes…..
I need your feedback pls as this is my first try…….
I need both positive and negative feedback

Ok bye dears and from Monday I am going to write my exam so I can’t update till the end of April…
Miss u all….
And I got inspiration from nivetha akka to write a story….
Thanks akka I am sreemathi

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  1. Abhitha


    1. Sree1603

      Thank youuuuuuu

  2. nice yaaaaaaaaa

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      Thanks ya…..

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      Thank uuuu

  4. Aditiroy

    Nice darling….cute short update..

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      Thank uuuu dear

  5. Saranya24

    So simple and cute da loved it all the best fr ur exams?????

    1. Sree1603

      Thank uuuu

  6. Sheerapthini

    Ayyo short and sooper story chanceless

    1. Sree1603

      Next time i will try to write a long one and thanks for ur comment

  7. Wow superb superb fantastic and lovely I can’t express my feelings superb

    1. Sree1603

      Thanks a lot…….dear

  8. Sowji

    Neat simple short story…write a long ff like this…awaiting to see your next ff…

    1. Sree1603

      Thank u for your wonderful comment.
      I started to read others update after reading yours if u r with me ff and Nivetha akka’s my first love chashmish.
      And i am sure i will write my ff soon…….
      Thanks for your motivation

  9. Super sree….

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      Thank you sugan..

  10. Sree1603

    I dont know how to call you all
    I am in 11th std…just tell me how to call u all

    1. oye sree I’m just one year older than u reading in class 12.and u just call ma Diya.?

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        Ok diya.board exams yeppadi paneenga….????

  11. B.k.maha

    Superrrrrrrrrrr…. All the best for ur exams….

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      Thank you maha

  12. awesome and lovely dear.??

  13. Cute os dear.. loved it.. all the best fr ur xams

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      Thank u dear

  14. sreee… it’s superbbbbbb… i loved it.. !!the story is simple yet beautiful..just njoyed the roller ghoster with abhigya.. u r telling its ur first try.. i think its best … !! keep it up dear.. & don’t say me as ur inspiration da.. ! am also a novice in writing stories.. ! we r sailing in the same boat..!sreee… nivethaa happieee… bcoz of u…!!! :-);-) & ur english is gud dear..! & yes.. ! do ur xams well.. for tat u hav to prepare well.. all the very best for ur xams da..!! looks like it is another os..! ha ha.. okay da.. tak care.. will miss u & ur lovable comments.. tak care.. keep smiling..

    1. Sree1603

      I am in ninth cloud after seeing ur comment and thanks for ur support akka
      This is like another os ROFL……..

  15. & yes waiting for ur come back.. & waiting for ur new stories..!!

    1. Sree1603

      Even though we are sailing in same boat u r my inspiration akka

  16. Nice one….

  17. Babie…Osum?

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