He hold my hand till my last breath (part 4)


Hi frnds..
I m little bit busy so I dint upload episode..I I’ll surely upload episode when I get time..

The episode starts with rahul and pooja reaching restaurant for lunch…

Pooja and rahul gets from bike and moves towards restaurant..on reaching table aloted pooja looks around..there were no one around in restaurant only they two r there..

Pooja looks rahul with question..

Rahul: smiles and says I booked this restaurant for nxt 1hr..no one will disturb us..its my frnds restaurant so I got easily booked wen u told to giv chance..
Pooja: says oh nice and smiles to herself..I I’ll b right back and moves towards washroom.. she enters and looks herself in mirror always show u
r money and power everybody rahul i knw but not to me this time..i ill not fall for u…try ur best..
After that she reaches back table where their order is waiting..

they finish lunch together and reaches beach..they sat nearby eachother.. rahul maintained his distance from
pooja so that she I’ll feel comfortable..rahul speak much to pooja where pooja opens her mouth sometimes..
They reach back home that is when they saw a bike before pooja house..on seeing the bike both gets exicited and
runs in..
Raj( New parallel lead) is waiting in the hall for their arrival..they both go and hug raj…

Raj: hi my love birds..how r u..
Pooja: raj v r gud..how abt u and
aunty and ur little sis swetha..
Raj: they r fine too..v hav been shifted back to this street..and look at me and say how am I..
Pooja: u putted 10kg extra..may i crt and winks..
Raj: pooja..u r a diaster always..and how r u bro..
Rahul: asusual..

Raj is the common frnd for rahul and pooja..he stays in their street before 5yrs near rahul and pooja house…they shifted somewhere due to his father’s work..he now shifted back to their street after his father expiered..Raj I’ll also play an important role in making rahul and pooja together..
He I’ll also fall in love with seema (pooja’s frnd)

Raj,rahul and pooja chit chat with eachother for 2 hrs and after that rahul and raj leaves the pooja house..

Raj and rahul start their conversation on their way back..
Raj: so how was all gng..did u made up with pooja..
Rahul: I m trying my best raj but she s vry adamant..I m nly having one day to prove myself. ..
Raj: one day??
Rahul: ya..she hav given 2 days time and today one is gone and tomorrow I m having..she I’ll say her decision on Friday morning ..
Raj: don’t wry all I’ll b alright..
Rahul: I hope so.v I’ll see..
When they r about to split to go they hear the scream of pooja asking them to cum..
Rahul and raj gets shocked and runs towards pooja house…

Why pooja screamed? What happened to pooja? Who is mysterious person pooja call’ed?

To know more see my msg epi…bye..


Credit to: Saraaa

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  1. So can u brief about ur story dr

    1. Hi hayathi…
      My story is about the childhood frnds who r married to eachother and gets divorced and after that they fall for each other this is my story line..hope u like it

  2. They r married to eachother without their consent..

  3. Awesome

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