He hold my hand till my last breath (part 3)


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The episode starts with..

Pooja entering her room..she thinks of something and took her ph which is on table..she dailed a number..she talks to the person..and ask him to cum on Friday morning at 10am… (who s he u I’ll knw in cmg epi?)..

After ph call she changed into night clothes and slept…


Pooja and her family shift to this house about 20 yrs ago wen pooja is about 6yrs old..pooja is looking vry happy because she is grown up alone upto tis and she I’ll get New frnds here..
That’s when she met rahul for the first time in opposite house of same age..they become frnds from next week because of their family’s grows closer to each passing days…
Rahul and pooja become close frnds.. they studied together till college.. in one fine day of coll rahul and his frnds insulted pooja that is wen their fight started..and wen they grow up their ego against eachother also grows up..


In the morning pooja gets up with the startle after dreams..
Pooja: omg..this ugly man didn’t leave me in dream also..shut..
She gets up from bed and gets ready..she comes out of her room to see rahul is already waiting in sofa in hall…and sarala as always feeding with all snacks and etc. .
Pooja thinks omg..this idiot came morning itself..she comes to hall and sat opposite rahul in sofa..

Pooja: so rahul u came morning itself..
Rahul: s my sweetheart yesterday aunty told me u ill giv another chance to me..so i got idea to take u out..and winks..
Pooja: thinks sweetheart haaan.. and says actually I didn’t think to giv u a chance but I gave u chance to prove urself right for me in 2 days..I I’ll say my decision at Friday morning around 10am..
Sarala and rahul: both gets shocked like hell..
Srala: shouts pooja with angry look..
Watr u saying…
Pooja: cooly replies mom don’t b angry.. I just gave him a chance to proove himself if u hav objection in this I I’ll never giv him chance.. after saying this she left the hall saying..rahul i m waiting near ur bike..if u hav agreed I I’ll meet u there in 10 min otherwise bye..
Sarala: rahul..and is abt to say something..rahul stops her in middle..
Rahul: aunty don’t wry I m k. .I m happy tis..she is giving another chance to prove myself..I I’ll meet u n eve..bye.
After that rahul heads to bike where pooja is waiting..
Rahul: shall v go my sweetheart..
Pooja: didn’t say anything and nods..and thinks to herself I cannot fall for him again..he I’ll surely betray me again..so don’t fall for his words..but pooja while gng in bike she enjoys the bike ride with rahul..
The episode ends with rahul and pooja gng in bike somewhere..

Who is the mysterious guy pooja asked to cum? Will rahul and pooja ever unite?


Credit to: Saraaa

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