If you hold my hand #Sidhaswi S1/C2/E2

Meeting you was my fate

Sidhant smiles breathing “Tejaswi”

6months back

Sidhant was driving his mercedes to somewhere but got stuck in a traffic with cars hit on each other..he heard a girl yelling on somebody..
“I should check what’s happening ”

Walking a bit forward he found the same girl punched the guy on his nose..blood oozed out from his nose..

“Kya kar lete tum agar ise kuch, ho jaata…. “…

“What the.. F**k!” he yelled in pain..
He was about to hit the girl when some men asked him to go.. The girl turns to the little poor girl with her head bleeding….(the same side where Sidhant was standing)…
The girl turned out be a beautiful damsel.

Sidhant was completely astound looking at her.. Someone in a car near to him plays the radio.. And the song was ‘Pehli nazar main’ by atif aslam. ?

“Tum theek ho?? “…Tejaswi asks just then a driver comes with the first aid kit.
“Thank, you Satish bhaiya.. “…she says while dressing the poor girl’s wound.
The scared child hugged her as a gesture of thanks… The traffic was cleared by the driver.. Sidhant wanted to talk to her but had nothing to say…
In a flick of a few seconds both the girl and tejasswi weren’t there.

Actually the girls had asked if she could eat something so tejaswi took her to some confectionery or something like that.

Sidhant’s discontentment even couldn’t remove his smile.. He got into the car and drove off.

~flashback ends.

“I never thought that I would ever see you again.. But you are much better than any kind of thoughts.. “..he murmured.

The same evening.

“why didn’t you tell me before that you guys are getting married in Bali? “…Teja asks to Anaya.

“shut up.. Every body knows this… You didn’t remember aboutmy marriage how would you remember where is it going to take place… Mere aur Aryan ke naseeb main aise hi bhullakad dost likhe hain.. ”
Anaya pouts in anger.

“Aryan ke naseeb main bhi.. matlab??”

“Haan. ..Vo Sidhant.. Remember.. Aryan ka friend.. Even he forgot about Our wedding.. ”


“Don’t laugh… You are no less”…

“Oh Fish!… What am I wearing at, Your wedding.. ”

“Don’t worry.. I’ll be going to the shopping mall in an hour.. You too come…. ”

“No.. I want a Neeta Lulla dress.. ”

“okay fine.. Haldi, mehendi ke liye mall se le le.. Baat main go to her showroom… Flight kal hai hamari”…

“okay.. But why do you want to shop now?? ” teja asks

“I am not going to shop.. ”

“then? ”

Anaya shows her teeth.


At the shopping mall.

Teja is seen wearing a kaftan top with rough jeans and Anaya was in a frock dress.. They were approaching towards the entry when Aryan comes to them and hugged Anaya..

“oh my!.. What happened?? ” Teja asks widening her eyes in surprise of his sudden action.
“Vo… Ab teen din tak we wouldn’t be able to meet each..other….you know… “..
“why? ”
“rituals you know”..

Anaya says “Teja….we are going for a date..”

“Jao.. Mai kaun hu rokne wali.. Leave me alone… ” she says twitching her cheek..

“Sorry tejasswi… But I have got my friend to accompany you.. “..Aryan says..

“No thanks.. I would shop on my own… Its okay.. ”

They went with Lonely teja left behind.

Teja waits for the lift to open… She gets in when everyone steps out the lift dorrs were about to shut when a shoe made it open again…

‘Sidhant ‘ Tejaswi thinks..

He gets into the lift…..

After a few seconds…
“Oh no …..no ” exclaimed teja
the lift hangs with both of them trapped inside.

Precap-……Hahha.. It would be fun…interaction… .

I know its short but had to end it here..
Sorry for late updates.. But can’t help it I get time only on Saturdays and sundays.
Next one’s up soon
Stay tuned

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    1. Jiya_Ani

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