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Episode 10
(It was posted by ayesga from HER account)

Recap-fun..truth and dare game…store room romance..n finally a rain dance…


It was a month or so that twinj had realized theur feelings for eachother…
But both were absorbing and relishing it themself..
Both feared for each other’s feelings..
Both feared for their own friendship..
Both feared for loosing each other…
And on top of that..finals were closed..
So whole taneja gang were serious with their studies from a month back..
As it was their 12 n also they need to reach their own parents expectation…

The exams went on well with they all being the fly birds..THE AAZAD BIRDS…

It was now time for there FAREWELL…
The most heart wrenching FOR ALL..
The most sad moment..
They were going to miss this silly days..
Miss this small small moments..
Miss there crazy things..
Miss each other mostly..
N miss there school .
Miss there teachers whom they teased alot..
But that dint decrease the respect and love they had for them..
They were emotionally attached to each other…
To live the moments they have was the only thing to do…
Getting ready n curious n nervous..n sad n bad n all the feelings..
The most crazy TANEJA GANG..met at the school gate..
Tw was wearing a  sarree for her performance ..kunj was wearing a tux..

Twinkle went their first..
Waiting for the rest she looked at the school..a tear rolled down her cheeck..when a hand came n rub it…
Twinkle turned towards the person who was not otjer than uv..
(Who thought it was kunj..? Huh..?)

Seeing him..twinkle hugged him
“I m going to miss this yuvi..!!”she sobbed..

“Shhh..twinkle..dont be a fool to waste ur 2 hours…ur makeup will ruin..”
Twinkle smiled..as they both continued talking about there school days…
When chinki n cherry came running while fighting..

“Chal hattt..!”chinki shooed him..

“Oyeeee..badtameeez..pehli chori upar se sina zori..?”he tried to snatch a packet from  her..

“Ab kya hua..?”twinkle asked ..

“He is snatching my burger”chinki accused..

“Liar liar ur sareee on fire..! Twinki ye burger mera hai..i bought it..!”

“But jo tera hai wo mera hai…! Bhoolgaya cherry..! Hamara taneja gang k speciality.?”chinki took her toungue out…n teased him..

“Achcha…share kar ke khaalo bhukkad log..lado mat..!” Twinkle said…and sat on a bench aside..

“Ye kunj kaha hai yaar..!”

“Tune bulaya or ham chale aaye..!”

“Lo aagaya hamara romeo..!”uv shouted..

“Romeo..?”twinkle asked..

“Wo theres a secret..! He loves some1 immensely..!”
Twinkle heart felt heavy..as someone had throwed stones at it???????

But the nostagia of leaving the school took over..
The same condition was with rest..

‘Har aashmaan se oonchi hai
Samundaron se gehri’

{No1 yaaru song..one of my favourite if u have do plugg in..if u dont have..THEN PLS READ THE SUBTITLES..IT IS AMAZING..U WILL REALLY FEEL IT..?}

(Chinki took a bite  n passed it to twinki..who unwantedly took as chinki stuffed in her mouth..then she passed to uv..who took a  big bite to whiv chinki slapped him playfully)

‘Aisi waisi dosti nahin
Aisi waisi dosti nahin’

(Uv passed to cherry who gave chinki a death glare n have a bite n passed to kunj who got a chotu sa bite…seein him evry1 laugh..)

‘Ye number 1 yaari hai
Ye number 1 yaari hai
Ye number 1 yaari hai’

(Evry stopped laughing as they get sad again..n uv  pulled twinkle…twinkle pulled kunj..kunj pulled chinki n chinki to cherry to there group hug..all weep silently as memories flashed in them)

‘Chhaaon mein dhoop mein
Jaane kitne roop mein
Ye tapi hai, ye jali hai
Sona banke yeh mili
Galiyon se guzri hai
Barson sanwri hai
Aisi waisi dosti nahin
Yeh No. 1 yaari hai
Yeh No. 1 yaari hai’

(They remembered how they throw ink on noddy..n ran…
There shobha mam’s shobha thing came over..)

‘Kyun rukein, sapne bune
Kyun darein, khushiyan chune
Yaari humko haunsla de
Kaano mein hanske gaye
Saath hoon main, jeet lo tum
Duniya tumhari hai

Aisi waisi dosti nahin
Yeh No. 1 Yaari hai
Yeh No. 1 Yaari hai’

(There assembly masti..there bhoot waala prank…alisha’s overactin n confidence remind them..as they smiled looking at eo sheepishly)

‘Ruthun kabhi toh jodti
Bhatkun kabhi to modti

Har khushi mein
Har gham mein
Acche bure mausam mein

Humse karti baat hai
Saaye jaisi saath hai..
Yeh No. 1 Yaari hai
Yeh No. 1 Yaari hai
Aisi waisi dosti nahin
Yeh No. 1 Yaari hai
Yeh No. 1 Yaari hai’

(Twinkle n kunj small fight..then twinkle’s accident flashed..
Then leela’s shap words..
Twinj away n there gang sad came..!)

Har aasmaan se oonchi
Samundaron se gehri
Ye No. 1 Yaari hai
Ye No. 1 Yaari hai

(Kunj came to meet her..n again there happy gang hug n masti flashed…there studying cum masti time at taneja mansion flashed..)

Jashn hai, rang hai
Yeh jahaan sang hai
Yahi pankh bhi udaan bhi
Armaan bhi aasmaan bhi
Iss pal se zindagi tak
Ye duniya saari hai

Ye number one yaari hai
Ye number one yaari hai

(There happy moments…again flashed and fade into present again..to there hug…
They broke the hug..n enterd the school holding each others hands..as the song ends…)

{How was d song’s lyrics do telll..}

The farewell function starts with 11th std’s performance..
The function was on full swing..evry1 enjoye happily..
When it came the last performance of our taneja gang..
They danced on..

‘India waale’ n rocked the stage..atlast twinkle gave a sad speech..about there journey to here n their masti n fun…
N how dey r gonna miss it…
She tanked tchrs as tears rolled down der cheeks (students)
When noddy came on stage..

“Taneja gang..!”

“Yes mam..!”

“Would u have a plsure to walk to my office..?”

“No..!”uv said..

Noddy looked on confused n d rest gave him a death glare..

“Why will we come..u never served a tea or coffee for which u asked evrytym..!”he said to which evry tchrs laugh…

They went to her office n get seated..

“So what would u like to have..tea coffeee..?”

“Coffe for evry1 but ice-cream for me..!” Uv said n noddy looked on..

“So taneja gang..u were the most crazy gang till now …”

“We know”chinki muttered(as evry student do)

“U all did all fun..?…all pranks…but u dint hurt any1’s feeling till..n u did study welll……that is wat i like about u alll..!”
Dey smiled sheepishly..

“So i would like to give u alll something…for which i was waiting for perfect students..n for me u all r the one..!”

“What is it mam..!??”

“Well its this..!”she shows two pens…a pink n black one..

‘Prince’ n ‘princess’ written on either…

They looked on confused..

“Actually when i was small..i mean when i passed 12 my gardfather gave me these pens…for me..n my husband..as a gift…as a proud grandpa he gave…it was his last gift to me…..then he died…i never married…so i had put it for a perfect students..so i m hamding to u all…i know its a couple pen..but i have dis only to give u..! U both head girl n head boy pls take it..!”.she said n smiled at them..
They smiled at her..n lipped thank u..
Noddy motivate them to study n becm a good person as they all smiled..n left.
It was time to bid a bye to their school…MAYBE forever..!!

They all bid adieu to there teachers n came out of the school..
Crying n hugging…they apart which they had tooooo..
Twinkle n kunj went towards their house which was beside eo..
While going kunj stopped at ice-cream bar..n gave it to her…both had their LAST choco ice cream together…

Walking further…chatting n nostalgic..they move..
When a car stopped at kunj’s house..seeing that kunj los tw’s grip n ran towards there..
A girl came out of the car…wearing a short knee length one piece..
Kunj ran and hugged she was all wrapped in his style..
She kissed him on his forehead…n took him with her..
Twinkle felt immense jealousy…
N she immediately went to her house..

While kunj enteredthe house shouting to his mom that riya had came..

3 days later..
Twinkle was feeling very much jealous n pain in her heart from.past few days..
The words of uv…that called him romeo n about kunj loving some1 kept banging in her head n the last met was not forgetten yet..
While kunj was unknown of the fact..
He literallly dint notice as he was much busy…

Twinkle thoughto visit garden to get some fresh air…
Where she saw the most unexpected she had expected…

Riya was kissing a men (lip to lip?)

She couldnt see the men’s face..as he was pushed to the bush…but the hand’s tatooo..n watch clarified thatit was KUNJ..!!!

twinkle ran to her home crying vigorously..her worst nightmare cam true…she hadnot ever expected…
Thinking to end her life twinkle went to her terrace n jumped..
But the fate played against her..and she fall on the truck full of cotton clothes..
She was about to leave when kunj came there hypering..

“Twinki..are u alright..what were u doing..?”

He hugged her tightly..but she pushed him n slapped him hard….eying the same girl with him….she fumed…..n went..

The helpless faces…the sleepless nights..the sobefull day..was the thing she had…

The view of kunj kissing the girl..came acrossss…
N the screeen fade into the crying twinkle..n
It got black…


So it ended finally..
How was it..do let me know..

Welll i m very much disappointed n angry n sad to tell u all that season two will not be a THINKINGS COMBO..

But this wasnt carried out welll…how it could be..
U all broke the rule(except few)
Many posted late..(though they told me..but they did broke.)

I m really disppointed n atlast..

BABY N SURVI n PAAVU u 3 were left..
Since a long time…(more than 10 days) ayesha had posted but baby u din post..
So finallly i had to end it…

U all broke the rules..
I know it was really a fun ff..
N i m very happy for that..



sorry..but it will jot b conducter like before..




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  1. Sameera

    Wow yaar aamu loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar too emotional …sachiii yaar school ki yaad dila Di missing my friends like hell ….
    Aise hi sab kuch hua tha …???????????….wo last day wo pranks each n every thing u decsribed very well …
    Loveddddddd each n every bit of it but the most shocking one was the ending ..Riya kunj didn’t got anything …
    Thanks for conducting it ….it was really a great journey of thinking combo ..
    Congratulations to all writers that we made it successful somehow ..but yes we did it ..
    And yeah …thanks to you ..babes ..well excited for second season ?????????????????????????????????????????????….
    Shocking ending ?????….
    Lekin loveddddddd it …
    Ab jaldi se S2 shuru Kar meri jaan ..
    Ba byeeee love you ???????????????????????

    1. SidMin_ROCKS

      Awww…thank u shammu..
      Welll it was very much hard to write this…??..
      Whole time i was nostalgic..
      I literallly wrote whole farewell scene of mine…
      When i was in 8..n was going to move for secondary..
      We had a farewell..that was the most nostalgic moment till now..
      We had this all moments same as it…
      I realllyy miss those re..
      Glad i remind u all that.
      Well thank u..n all d best babe…
      Hope we rock second season toooo?????(i know we will)
      Love ya

  2. Ayesha51

    if ssn 2 will not come then I’ll throw spoilt eggs potatoes tomatoes chaapals veggies & many more things

    due to some people u r punishing all of us

    haaan iye kya baat hain

    n u people aplogoko rulane ka bohot shokh hain naa

    n not post late I posted from my account

    thik hain na
    we have no value naa

    its upon u whether u will post ssn 2 or not

    aur itne sad endings karoge to main rote rote mar jaungi

    the epi was too emotional and heart breaking

    love u …..but now temporarily hate u


    mazak samajh ke rakha hain sabkuch ko

    I’m very hurt as well as angry


    1. Baby

      am sorry ayesha i didn’t meant to hurt you all……but i did…….. 🙁

      1. SidMin_ROCKS

        Shut up aaapi…!
        U dint hurt any1…
        It was all unintentional..(from evryone..no1 did purposely..) So no need of sorry from any1..
        N plssssss dont be sad dammmu??
        Love u

      2. and di
        i haven’t hurted anyone

        it is me who hurted everyone

        di sorryyyyyyy

        di plz mujhe maaf kar do

        I’m really feeling guilty

    2. SidMin_ROCKS

      Oyeee..thik se pad le pehle…season -2 will cm…
      But it isnt a thinking combi..
      It will be written by me n sameera..

      Coz though first season wasnt a bad…evry1 wrote amazing..n i m reallly gla for that..but evry1 broke the rules(including you).
      U could have wait ayesha for a day….i had msgd u the password…
      Kyuki t was already over due..
      But u posted from ur acc..that confused all..
      N also after u it wasnt my turn..it was dammu’s turn(baby)..
      But u wrote mine..
      N again confused all..
      She missed her chance for it..
      Sorry if u r hurt withthese..butits the reality..dont mean to hurt h..but i know u did…sorrrrryyyy..
      But dammu n survi di r hurt too..coz they dint got chance..

      N also thank u ..glad u like it…

      1. oye express train
        pehle to mujhe mazbooran post karna para apne account se Q ki mujhe usi din ph ko service centre bhejna tha

        & sorryyyyyyy extremely sorryyyyyyy for breaking the rules
        but I broke it as I had no options

        & secondly I was in so hurry that I forgot whose turn was after me

        so once again baby di survi sorryyyyyyy
        plz mujhe maaf kar do

        oyeee unse kaha tujhse nahi
        tujhse pehle hi keh diya sorry

        bar bar thodi hi bolungi


        and once again sry to all whom I hurted as I’m extremely guilty

        and glad that ssn 2 will come

        once again sry

      2. Baby

        yrrr koi nahi aamieee its ohk kabhii or firse aisaaa competition laana we will surely write 🙂 n koi nahi ho jata hai but yeah I will miss this…..
        love ya

    3. Baby

      thanks ammiee but no need u write I will enjoy I love ur writings ab ho gaya jo hona tha lets not make a big issue of it……
      and Ayesha yrr sad na ho teri koi galti nahi darling……
      love u babes 🙂
      chalo lets not make a chaos and smile please……
      u know like say OATS aajkal vahi chal rha hai heheehehe 😉

  3. Nishfd

    Hey u left it incomplete. .
    R u going to post nxt part
    The epi ws gudmn emotional. ..
    U made me remember my school days. ..
    bt the ending left me confused n shocked. ..

    1. SidMin_ROCKS

      Next season will start with a new start taking a leap of few years
      N thanx glad u liked it

      1. Nishfd

        Yeipee. .. I m so happy. ..
        Waiting for the nxt season. ..

  4. Baby

    hey ammieee i didnt knew it was my turn in the list you would see that before me name written was participant i asked who it was but nobody told me maybe forgot to…sooo i was infact waiting for my turn but it never came..i was myself in shock seeing the end written and was sad that i wont get a chance to participatein it………well am sorry i hurted you dear…….but i seriously didnt had any idea of it being my chance……am sorry……

    well really loved the end osm sad emotional cute episode
    love ya ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. SidMin_ROCKS

      Hey dammmu aapi .
      Ye sach hai ki i was disappointed dat u dint post..but usme aapki b galti nai thi..
      Wo to ayesha ne last chapter me bola tha dat its my turn..so may be the mistake is hers..
      No need of sorrry..
      Its ok..
      N i m reallly feeling guilty that u dint got a chance sorrry for that..but i couldnt drag it anymore..
      N evry1 ha got busy with the studies so second season isnt a thinking combi…but me n sameera will write one part me n one her..
      I m very sorrry that u dint got a chance..but u can write a chapter in second season..?..
      Take one of my chance…☺..
      N no sorry pls..
      It wasnt ur mistak..
      N the participant whom u r talking is after u..!
      After ayesha it was ir turn..
      I m soorrrry to hurt u aapi…
      But u can write one chapter of secnd season..
      Love u n dony be sad pls

  5. Purnima.agrawal30

    It’s incomplete

    1. SidMin_ROCKS

      Yea second season will cm

  6. SidMin23

    Everything was good expect the ending hope u continue soon.

  7. Presha


    Just loved it…
    Season 1 ended nicely but want season 2…nahi Mila to TU to gayi soch le…

    Well epi was awesome.emotional….
    I just loved it..nd u nailed it….

    Supporting ur decision nd agreeing to it want season 2

    Love u….????

  8. Twinj

    Hey aami…
    I don’t know what to say n wat not to….phek
    Phele toh pura emotional he kardiya… like yaar twinki ko itna dard…. aab iss misunderstanding ki wajah se sab katam huhuh….n I did wanted a thinking combo in season 2 as well as it was so much fun but no problem….aamu n sammera all tge best…waiting for the season 2 n don’t u dare make khayali pulaus n think that we don’t want season 2…season 2 is must…all the best…..rock it guyzzzz…n don’t be sad yaar..??????? thanks for the thinking combo…really entertained a lot… thank u…tu bandi hae he kamal ki maana parega… ???????

  9. Cheena2001Cp

    Omg!!!!……It was Dhaamakerdar Episode…..????…..It made me Emotional ??…….Just fabulous…..But I am disappointed that it ended on a wrong moment…..I want Season 2 very soon….Mind it …very soon…….
    I think now I can write on it…..??

    1. SidMin_ROCKS

      Thank u cp..
      But next isnt thinking combi..
      Second season will be written by me n sameera one-one chapter..
      Sorry..but evry1 dint co-operated wuth the dates…n broke the rules..though it was succesfull..

      1. Cheena2001Cp

        No worries?…Post soon ?

    2. SidMin_ROCKS


  10. awesome episode dear….??????????

    yrr end kar diya vo bhi suspense me yrrr…… season 2 lekar jaldi aana dear plzzzzzzz

    luv u????

  11. Sidmin ki sadia

    Feeling bad fot twinki awaaaa awaaaa
    Post season 2 soon
    Luv u

  12. Rochika

    Yrrr it was soooo sooo emotional..yrr rula diya..??????????…u rocked the episode yrr seriously!!!??????????????? it was awesome dear…yrr don’t get hurt ..be happy yrr…this season was sooo outstanding and the nxt season will also be awesome too..do come up with nxt season soon…Love u to the core?

  13. Ramya

    Awesome Amazing super
    Gane ki waqt aasu aa gaye
    It was so lovely yet so emotional
    Amazing superb and it’s journey was so lovely
    But ending bohat hi sad tha
    Waiting for season 2
    N ya I’m sorry mai bhi thodi late thi na
    All the best aamu and Sam
    Just rock it
    Love you both

  14. Shalini15

    Aamu ???????????? dekh kitna ro rahi hun main ?????????? yaar this is not fair… this very bad… ek toh itna emotional episode diya uper se bechari twinkle ka dil tod diya ??????????? ye kunj ka riya se kiss??? Chakkar kya hai??????… yaar jaldi se second season start kar de.. please ???????? well farewell was too good.. loved it so much… do continue soon second season ?????????????
    Nd sorry for not commenting on previous episode of this ff????????
    Love you ??????????

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