~~~~ AAMU HERE~~~~

~~~~~8 YEARS LATER~~~~~

“Smile please..?”
A girl spoke taking a picture…
Her hands on the camers..eyes fixed on the screen..n intently she was taking a picture…

“Wrapped ur arms around her waist..!”she instructd straightly..

Clicking the picture she told the couple to pose few more..

After the session they ask to show them..

“Thank u so much miss.taneja…u r really a good photographer..!”

“Plsure is all mine…”

“When we will get it..!”

“By six u can take it from here…my p.a would hand u…i wouldnt be there..!”

“Ohk..! N thanx again..!”
Th girl smiled..the pink rosy lips turned up…her eyes twinkling some intense pain..but shoeing it away..she took her bag and camera..!

“Tina,for next 2 week u’ll be handling all this..i m leaving this evening only..”

“Okay mam..!”tina replied

“Btw mam..where r u going..?

“To my frnds wedding..!”

“Oh great..which her luck..from my side too..!”


And the girl left …
She was walking on the freezing streets..as it was snow drizzling out…
She was wearing a long pink coat…and her hair left open..

“Twinkle mam..! Mam..!”tina came running..!

The girl turned and she was revealed to be twinkle..twinkle taneja..
The most mischevious girl…who was mainly called a immature girl..
Was looking a well grown uo mature…
Her chubby cheeks were now no where to be slim..
Her eyes which always shine as a star..were holding so much thay no1 can say..

“What happen Tina..?”

“Mam.! Ur pen..!”
She looked at the pen which was not other than the same pen given by noddy…
She had saved it from years..
She knew..
Very well knew that other is with kunj..
But that doesnt matter to her
Kunj was just a boy..
Whome she loved..
Madly n immensly..
But he dint reciprocate..
And for that..she cursed herself only..!
She was the one who dint control her feelings..it was a one-sided love..
From the last 8 years..
She wasnt in contact with any1..
Except chinki…
She had left amritsar…n changed her phone tooo…
Moving to delhi…she had studied for her dream passion..n then moved to kashmir to her aunty to establish her proffesion..
N here she was the most well known photographer..
She was a nature lover…n so she moved her for her photography..but with that she had opened up a photography shop..

From all this years..she knew evry1’s move..
N she really missed her frnds..whih was her kife once..
It was fully scattered after she left…
Uv,n chinki were in contact..
But kunj n cherrry was not..though they were still in there watsapp group..
She had known..kunj had left to uk for higher studies…n cherry..!!
His mother died…in uttarakhand..he went there for a support..
Evry1 who were once a immature students/childs..
Were now grown up..n was hamdling n well settled in yhere life..
Little did she knew…kunj is going to come in the wedding too..
N she have to confront him…but she has too..
For how many years she would run from him..
For once she has to confront him..
N may be this is the one..
Coz..its chinki’s wedding..
N she cant just miss it..for her heartbreak..no she cant…

She moved towards her house..
Packing her luggage she left for amritsar..
Sighing…she was ready finally after thise years to confront him..
Neither she was going to ignore him..nor she would be loving as before..she would just behave all normal..
N she was ready to answer the question from the gang..

Half of her heart was very much excited to meet her frnds..her childhood buddies..
Their masti n all came across her evry single day..
N yes,she missed it badly..
A lone tar escaped her eyes again..as the memories over took it again..she close her eyes for sm peace…


The weddig rituals were going to start after 1 weekk..
Though evry1 was joining from today..

Kunj,the disparate n calm sarna had arrived to chinki’s place..he had turned into a big jawaan most wanted moonda…whose heart beat for one nd only pataka twinkle taneja…he was a great writer now…still known..as padhaku narayan…

Uv,who was a one n only son of annika…anika’s ladla…had turned into a well build men..and was a succesful business man.though his masti was still there..but not for evry1..just for their gang..

Chinki,had became a great fashion designer..n now settling down..she is marrying rohan…her love of life..and school crush..

Cherry,the funny moonda had became a lawyer..

Kunj,who had postponed his interview of new boook had came early just for his syappa queen..who had left years ago..
He needed to hold her ears…n twist it…n ask her why she left…he still dint knew where she had been this all year n how n who was she now..

Remembering the last meet..he just couldnt anylize till today..thay wat had happened…

Not able to wait anymore..he walkd to the street..n headed towards the railway station…
To meet her there only.
Twinkle,having a independent girl that she was left for a walk to her place..
Looking at the well cleaned city..she scanned a man walking his hands in pockets…
Her eyes took d glance of tattooooo..n she froze at that place..

“Its..kunj..!”she whispered
She thought to turn n leave..but it was too late..as he had already found her..

“Hey, twinkle..?”he shouted happily..
The most she could do was to smile..

“Hey padaaku narayan..!”she tried to act normal..

They both walk towards eachother..
Reaching to the point..they walk…

What should they speak..
Whay should dey ask..
Just what..???

Trying to break the silence kunj speak..

“Let me hold ur luggage..!”

N she hand it to him…

Suddenly kunj stumbled…n was about to fall..but twinkle hold him..

“U r still the same pataka..!”

“N u,a padaku narayan?”

“I m not..!”

“U r..! ”

“I m not..!”.

“Then why have u bcm a writer..rabindra nath tagore ke bhakt..?”

“How do u know..i m his bhakt..!”

“I know evrythng..twinkle taneja knows evrythng..!”

“Haa..through spying…”

“Chal hattt..!”

“U had bcm a spier twinkle..?” I dint knew..!”
Both were talking normal..or can say turning into a normal..

N ofcourse it dint matter to both..
To kunj it wouldnt..coz he din knew..
Twinkle..who had been heartbroken…was now adamant to not give entry to any1 in her heart..
It was kunj there..
Is n will be..
Watever he will recipricate or not…
But she will till her last breath..
N this time..that she had came again…forcefully or by herself..
She will not fall for him again..jst not more than frnd..but yes,frnd atleast…
Coz his n the gang’s place no1 can take over..

“I m not a spier..!”

“Then what r u..?”

“Wll known..big..n the bestest of bestest photographer..!”

“Achcha..! Good..! But thats clingy..!”he said pointing towards her hair…


“Ur hair..its jz so rough..!”

“Its beautiful as always”she praised hrself…

“No its not”

“It is..!”


N now..loosing her temper she run behind him…
Dropping the luggage kunj ran to save himself..

Both were running when a truck came there with full spead…
It was about to crash twinkle when kunj came and……..
To save her..but it was late..coz a car had already crashed with it..
Twinj look at the owner who was jot other than uv..

“Uv..!!”both shout n run towards the car…who had a bad accident..

They took him out n tw made him sleep on her lap..

“Gadha..ullu…kyu aaya bichme..!”.
“I cant looose u re….tu hi to hai hamare taneja gang ki shaan…agar tu fir hamse door chali jaati to kya hota..? Isse achcha me khud hi bich aajau..n i trust u…tum fono muje bacha loge..!”he smiled..
Tw’s heart felt heavy..
She started sobbing..but kunj put a hand on her shoulder..

“Oo cry baby…chalo ambulance aagayi..lets take him.there”


So how was it..?

I know..!

Welll hope u liked it..

Let me clear smthmg..


•this season isnt a devdas wala..it will have fun too..so writers who r going to write take in mind..

•twinkle isnt miffed with kunj….yes,she was heartbroken..but hey, if she would be miffed than wat will b difference in this story…? Evry story has dis story linr..but we dont..

•twinkle is adamant to not fall for any1 again..not kunj too…but u n me have to write like that..that she opened the lock of her heart again..

•the taneja gang masti will b there..n loyalty tooo..

•twinkle will behave as a frnd to kunj…

•last and main…the marriage isnt a particular plot…so dont skip a week for marriage..this week is precious for twinj..in this week they will unite again…go slow.. N give many moments..
•marriage rituals n marriage itself will be in last chapter..! So hope u got what i want to say..

•this week doesnt havr any ritual or shaadi..it will have fun masti n dhamaal…

•hope u all r clear..

N sameeraa…hope u r ready for the next..
Post till tuesday..


I said that 3 chapter will be by baby..but as she is having test n all..
So i will write 3 till thursday..

N 4 will be by sameera till saturday..

N dammu aapi hope u r fine with fifth chapter…that will b till monday..!
U have sumday n monday to write..n.
Cheena cp..u have to till wednesday after baby..

N den so on..as decided..
Any confusion tell me..

N paavu…sorry but if u have told me in last chapter of season-1 i could have manage..
But u dint..
N u dint read that season-2..!now cmntd..
How can i give u chance..
Sorry for the rude behavious..but i cant..


Loads of love..!!

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  1. Sameera

    Awwwwww yaar aamu loveddddddd it sooooooooooooooo much yaar ????????????…
    Too good amazinggggg kantriii …
    Haayeeee twinj ummah …
    And yuvi love him man badly ..
    Yess i am done with memorising all the rules ???…and I’ll post next one soon babes …
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    All n all …it was again kafan me dafan episode …?????…
    Love you ???

  2. Baby

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    tu mujhse likhwa kar hi rahegi hayeee babaji mei kya karun meri choti si pyaari sii ziddi sii sissy ka bhn tu mujhe mhaulat dede plsss mujhse maaf krde actually yrr mei sch mei bhott busy ho gayi hun mene CLAT join kr lia hai n tutions alag hain mein schii mei fass gaya hun bachaa mera bhottt mann tha krne ka but mere future ka sawaal hai tu samjh rahi hainaa…..♥
    aaj hi mei extra class ke liye gayi thi delhi and merko achi lagi toh now finally i have joined or mere paas bilkul time nahi hai padai ke lawa kuch bhi krne ka……♥

    srsly episode bhott achaa ttha ♥
    jst loved it soooo mch dear ♥
    meri chance tu chahe toh paavu ko dede……
    mei toh schii mei busy hogayi jitna sochaa nahi tha usse kahin jyada…♥
    2 saal baad maths chui aaj or mere dimaag se sab kuch CHOOMANTAR ho chuka hai tujhe pata hai litreally mujhse profit and loss nahi ho rha…….
    sissy reallt chappy was marveleous speechless…..♥
    loved it ♥
    plssssssssss mujhse gussa mat hona merse dekha nahi jayega nahi sha jayega ♥
    love u sooooooooooooooooooooo mch ♥
    m sorry alottt big wala srrriiieeeeee………♥
    maaf krde apni appie ko……♥
    bhottt busy sch mei yrrr or ab toh merko boring news bhi dekhni padegi movies or serials ke jagah *sobbing* hehe am crazy u knw
    bt love u alll….and mayb u too love me coz of my craziness…… 😉 🙂 🙂 😉

  3. SidMin23

    Too good and well start and Twinj moment was everything and all the beer Sameera

  4. Presha

    Loved it..
    All the best dii…
    Love u…
    Post soon

  5. Cheena2001Cp

    It was Fabulous???…..True this should be full of masti …..We will rock this!!! I am damn excited for my turn….?

  6. Amazing…..mind blowing. ….
    wonderful……too good….

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    the epi was dhamaal…kamaal….jhinku….fatafati….asadharon…just fatiye die6s re…

    best of luck to Sammy di

    plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz POST ASAP

    love u to the infinity till my last breath ♡♡♡


  7. Sidmin ki sadia

    Amazing. Just luv it

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    It was fantastic yrr….seriously amazing!! Stupendous and spectacular chapter!????????????? and yuvi yrrr just love him to the core….he is sooo sooo nice and sweet yrr..??????????????????? this episode was dhasooooo!!!??????? …
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    Spectacular fantastic

  12. Ramya

    Awesome aamu
    It’s story line is so lovely
    Sorry for late
    Love you keep smiling

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