?????Sameera here guys ??????….
Twinj broke the kiss and looks at each other twinkle holds kunj face with her palms …having tears in her eyes of guilt and regret …she spoke finally ..

“I love you kunj…..i really do…i…i was just bainless..ullu..mad.. And evrything..pls forgive me.?” She broke and spoke against his lips…

His eyes and pain board into her..but still he wasnt convinced…he was just thinking how could she do this without even talking without even meeting them once how she could leave him ..just by her false assumption …he looked at her didn’t uttered a word …

Kunj plzz say something your silence is killing me yaar plzz twinkle said …tears roll down her cheeks his heart prick but his mind was still adamant ..

What should I say now twinkle ??? What’s is left to be said ??? Haan bata na ??? ..what should I say wow you did a good job my love …by going away having a silly misunderstanding haan ..he was hell angry on her …his face went red due to anger twinkle got scared seeing him …
How could you do this twinkle ..you could have met me once ..you should have cleared your doubt …you know much I craved to see you once ..the day when I got to know you left I was shattered I thought as if someone snachted my life from me… And then these many years passed with your memories ..each day I used to miss you .. when I got know about chinki wedding I was hell happy that finally I could see you meet you ..feel you for once I thought that I’ll not waste my time this time..I will propose you asap ..then I finally saw you at railway station i was too happy …after then your behaviour was killing me each n every second .. I am feeling like a criminal that time …he said tears gushing of his eyes ..

Twinkle was feeling really guilty as she knew she was the one because of this happen but she too wasn’t at fault at all ..

The duo stand numb just looking at each other when twinkle broke the silence ..
I am so sorry kunj I know what I did was wrong ..but ..leave it …I am so sorry if possible forgive me for the pain I cause you …she said and ran out of room crying ..

While kunj sat on the bed holding his head …both were crying sitting in their rooms …

@ Twinkle room :::
Yess he is right ..he is exactly right I am a big siyappa queen I wasted this much years he shouldn’t need to forgive me ??…if I was in his place I would have done the same thing …..
Next scene :::
It was chinkis Sangeet in the night all were getting ready for it ..twinkle had no expression on her face she was hell sad ..Leela comes to her room …

Twinkle puttar what happen beta you are looking so dull ..and why u didn’t got ready till now …haan ..Leela said caressing her face ..

Twinkle looked at her..ma..aa she spoke and hugged Leela …she said something while leela got shocked …

But why puttar ??? Anything happen ??? Leela said ..seeing her worried ..

Nahi maa plzz understand twinkle said okay leela nodded and aksed her to get ready soon …she left …

If I had to do this for your happiness then I am ready for it kunj ..she spoke…

Soon after sometime twinkle got ready and went to chinki and made her ready to they were looking hell amazingg ..they shared some besties moments teasing each other. Soon yuvi cherry and kunj joined them …

Twinj looked at each other with pain while kunj turned his gaze ..which pricked twinkle ….

Ayeeeeeeeee haayeeee janeman Jaane Jaan Kya lag rahi hai re Tu yuvi said whistling looking at chinki …

For the first time you are looking like a girl cherry too spoke all laugh while chinki beats him ..yuvi moved towards chinki…
Kya bolti hai Jaan ..chod de Rohan ko aur mere saat settled hoja ???…he said holding her … sensually looking at her…
Okay if u say I am ready you have to settle with me right here she winked at yuvi making him shocked ….

Ab samjh me aaya ?Rohan kaise pata tujhse yuvi said and soon they all burst into laughter …

It’s photo time guys twinkle said ..and aksed them to stand ..she took some pics of chinki and other and most importantly of kunj …

Tu bhi aaja na twinkle yuvi said pulling her ..she crashed kunj and they again looks at each other …soon after photosession they all are called downstairs …

@ hall ::::
The whole hall was decorated beautifully Rohan with his family members chinki parents Leela usha Anita and rest of the guest were waiting for the bride ..soon she came there with twinj on her each side and yuvi on cherry behind …all looks at them with aww ??what an amazing friends they are …they came down soon the function started …and they were dancing on the songs …having fun all the while twinj were behaving normal too ..they too dance with each other kuch kuch hota hai plays in the BG …they looked at each other …

I just wanna see you happy and smiling kunj I don’t want to become reason for you pain more just one more day ..them everything will back to normal …she thought looking at him sooon the Sangeet ends with lots of fun and blessings …and everyone departed to their room ..

After sometime leela Anita and usha was sitting in the garden area sipping coffee while discuss about twinkle …kunj who heard twinkle name stopped there to hear …

Yes she wanted to go back ..and she is going after wedding from here directly ..Leela said kunj got shocked ..

But Leela you should have told her not to go firstly she came after many years ..Anita said while usha nodded…

I told but ..don’t know what’s going on in her I feel Something is wrong and I don’t want to force her for anything ..if her happiness lies in this I am ready for support her Leela said while the convo continued ..

@ twinkles room ..
Twinkle was packing her stuff as after wedding she is going back ..back forever to the place from past years she was living lifeless …but also she can’t stay with them and became cause of their pain …she heard door opening .. without seeing she spoke …

Areyyy chinki go yaar I’ll do packing myself ..??go and sleep Tomorrow is your wedding and you needed a beauty sleep …she didn’t got any response so turned to find kunj there …

K..unj tum Yaha ?? Tum kab aaye ?? Twinkle aksed ..while he was looking at her ..

Jab Tu yaha se phirse Bina bataye bhaagne ki planning Kar rahi thi he spoke with tint of anger on his nose ..

Bina bataye Nahi kunj I was going to tell you all tomorrow twinkle said not maintaining any eye contact ..

And what’s the silly reason for going back now ????? ..he aksed ..moving towards her holding her to face him ..

She looked in his eyes …okay so listen ..I can’t see you in this condition hurting yourself because of me … You were fine but after this ..see your condition kunj ..I can’t see you like this ..I know you can’t forgive me ever and I seriously don’t want you to forgive me too ..you are completely right in your place ..and plzz move on in life ..with a good girl who will not do any siyappa she spoke smiling yet tears in her eyes …

Kunj left her ..umm I think you are saying right … exactly right I should move on … thanks for the suggestion will you come in my wedding ??? ..he said ..

Twinkle looked at him with pain ..uhmm kunj ..how can I ..?? ???

What does how can I means when you can say it casually to move on ..then why can’t u come in wedding as I am your friend too right …

Yeah she spoke ..

Then answer me will you come in my wedding ?????? …

She looked at him then looked down…while he continued if you dont come then how can I marry without my bride ..he said ..while she looked at him shocked …before she could react he engulfed her in a tight hug …

Don’t ..leave me again twinkle this time I would not be able to survive …i can’t loose you again …he said crying while she was too crying badlyy they broke the hug and looks at each other ..

So you forgave me kunj ??? She aksed ..while he cupped her face ..it was not your mistake twinkle …it was mine too I never told about Riya being my cousin when she came back after our exms ..I was spending time with her more ignoring you ..I didn’t met you for many days .. then you left so it was my mistake too not just your and you toh being siyappa queen have thought this only he said and pecked her forehead gently ..while she hugged him again …he was caressing her hairs ..

I love you she spoke slightly while he smiled …

I was dying from years to hear these words from you ..he said soon he moved back and took out rose from the vase ..he sat on his knees ..

I know bhtt zyada senti and painful environment hogaya hai na ??..so yess..miss twinkle taneja pata nahi Chala kab un school k chote chote pranks ..that outings ..and everything kab tujhse pyaar hogaya yeh pata hi Nahi Chala yaar aaj bas me itna jaanta Hu … HOGAYA HAI TUJHSE PYAAR SAJHNA ..behadd beintehaa bepanah….rahogi mere saat Umar bharr ??? Banogi meri lovely siyappa wifey ??? ..jhelogi mujhe Zindagi Bhar ?? Most importantly budhape tak Mera haath thamogi ???? …twinkle looked at him smiling …she too sat on her knees ..

Soch lo Mr sarna … jhel paoge iss siyappa queen ko umr Bhar k liye ??? ..sambhalo ge mere nakhro ko ??? …reh sakoge mere saat aakhiri saans tak ???? …banoge mere Mr perfect
She said while he too smiled cutely ..

Tere har baat sar aankho par he said while she hugged him tightly and he landed on floor with twinkle on his top ..he wrapped his hand around her waist both feeling each other ..happiness and satisfaction could be clearly seen in their yes .. they were in each other embrace until they heard coughing sound ..

Twinkle why u are coughing ???? ..kunj asked she looked at him and nodded in no that she didn’t had done it ..they looked towards door to find chinki yuvi and cherry standing …and got up ..

Dhoke baaz saalo ?patch up karliya aur bataya bhi nai acha hua we came here finding you both or else we would have been knowing it on your wedding itself yuvi said while twinkle smiled sheepishly
So you both are together chinki asked excited …while kunj side hugged twinkle giving them a positive response while she blushed …

Omg this siyappa queen ..our sherni is blushing too man cherry said ..and they all move towards twinj and hugged …
We are really very happy guys they spoke …

So it’s party time yuvi said ..and looked at chinki you go and take rest as tomorrow is your wedding and we don’t want Rohan to say that we didn’t let his wife sleep.?

Chup bey ..she said and all laughed ..while she continued i wanna enjoy my last bachelors night with my chuddy buddies she ended all smiled cheerfully …
So finally patch up + finally confession and unison ????…
Seriously saying I forgot that I had to write this too ???? ….
Hah I am after so many days here ??it’s gonna be my ?darlings bday sorry darlings no kamini ??aamu bday ..if it gets posted before today so a very adnaved happy birthday ?…after 12 see that in other articles ..??
Other stores are on the way and rest bak back too bye ✋✋✋✋…

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