Recap- twinj sad moments–kunj to narrate evrything to uv–twinkle to come to know that riya has a boyfriend called karan–she is confused

“Leta talk to chinki,she must be knowing for sure”

“Yeah,lets go”

Both headed to chinki’s room and thankfully she was alone
They bombarded her with numerous question,but the best friend in her which had promised twinkle stopped her to tell anything

“I am telling last time kunj and yuvi,i really donnno…if you have any quiry.you can directly ask her”chinki stood from her bed to leave when kunj hold her left hand gently and she turned to find him crying

“Please chinki,you think i dint tried.? I tried hard.i donno why is she not beleiving me and not talking to me…i really did..but she isnt..you are my last hope..please tell” for once she melted but twinkle’s tears before years and presents overcomed and she looked stiff

“Ohh,please kunj…i——-” chinki was about to say further but looking at his tears again she melt down

Oh,boh were her good friends and she was stuck btwn..

“I would suggest one thing,pls dont go near her.twinkle is very weak.she couldnt take anymore. You were happy as well as she..my marriage ruined it all…pls forget being her as your friend…she cant take it anymore” tears rolled down her cheeks and she ran into bathroom to have a shower after haldi

Kunj and yuvi stood there gobsmacked.they were confused.what the hell should be the reason.
The adamant yuvi entangled his arms with kunj and dint let him move.
He was adamant to get the answers,today


On the other hand,twinkle stood like a iron pillar.her eyes wide open and everything started to spin off around her.

Everything started to get blur and dark.before closing her eyes and loosing her sense.twinkle saw a same tatto on karan’s hands.

Was he the same boy,she saw 8 years back?,her mind questioned
But none answered as she laid on the floor and every-one rushed to her

Listening to the huge sound in a chorus.kunj and yuvi got tensed and was about to leave the room when chinki came out of the room and she also accompanied them

They were shocked to see twinkle on the floor
Karan was about to take her in his arms as instructed by ria but before that kunj came and scooped her in the arms.on the way,he ordered yuvi to call doctor right away


Doctor examined and told them that twinkle was just stressed and got unconcious
He also told them to not give steess anymore. She was still in the slumber as he had given her a injection for a sleep to give her mind some rest

Kunj again turned to chinki and this time,tears gushed down his eyes and it turned red in anger.he grabbed her hand and pulled her to the room

“Kunj what are you doing to her,leave her na” ria tried to stop which made chinki furious

“Oh please,dont interpret in our talk…” She snarled at her and she looked shocked

“Di,pls its serious..karan take ur girlfriend with you”

“Di.? Girlfriend.??” Chinki asked boggled

“Ohh she is my di..one year elder.cousin..sorry dint introduce and here karan…my primary school bestie”


“What what.?”

“Syappaa…syappaaa…syappaaa…god damnn it…its a big wala syappaaaaa”

“What is it..?”

“Come with me”
Chinki took him with her to the room and was about to tell him when cherrry cam and informed that twinkle gained her concious

Chinki and there gang told kunj to meet her as they need to talk…no-lders knew as they were in the banquet still,handling the guest.
Evry1 refrained to tell them anything

Kunj entered the room gloomily as h lookd at twinkle alrady gazing at him.as his eyes met hers,kunj found sonething unusual..

He walked towards her and sat.
None spoke anything..slowly kunj took her hand in his expecting her to take away but she dint instead she smiled internally as her eyes shined along with some tears welling up..
He kissed her knuckle gently and looked at her.

“I–i am really sorry….” He apologize seeing tears but she sat and nodded in no and looked down at her lap

“Twi-twinkle..i am sorry..because of my confession you were strssing yourself…i am really sorry..i never meant to hurt u in anyway..though i did”


“Twinkle….i— i donno why are you so disappointed with me and denying my love… trust me…i– i really loved you and still love you…i never ditched you…i–i donno why are you so upset…and hurting yourself…”

Twinkl sobbed softly as he too eepd hard…taking a deep breathe and continued

“I am really sorry..i will never do that again. I—i will try to behave the rest day as a friend and surely will never try to contact you…..last time..i am saying…i reallyy love you twinkle(wipes his tears and take a breath) i will be always there for you”
Saying so,he turned away..and was about to leave

“I will not bother you anymore….in return just dont stress yours—–” before he could complet the door flew open and in came leela hypering and talking to usha..
Twinj wiped there tears and sat stiff..

As they surrounded her…kunj sneaked out of the room when chinki finally oulled him to her room

“I need to tell you…….a big thing”

And she narrated them everything

“She saw karan and riya and assumed them to be you and riya as you both have same tattooo..thats why…she..umm…she left and……” Chinki trailed off and yuvi,cherry and kunj looked aghast….

What a big syappa queen she is….
And she proved it,now…

Kunj felt angry,dejected and sad…she just asssumed everything and went far away..in this 8 years she playedwith both of there life’s…
Both suffered alot and he wasnt going to forgive her

He left the room in anger and entered his room to find twinkle already waiing for him..

He looked infuriated and got ready to face her…

“Kunj…” Her voice choked,for a moment he melted but no he cant for now…

Without giving a damn to her,kunj gave her a death glare and took a long step to bathroom.

She came to know that he knew evrything,now

“I am sorry” she muttered and hold his hand to stop him but kunj shoved away and walked further…

Little did he knew,that she had xame to whole truth all day and he forgot that he loves a pataka princess..
She again pulled him..
“I am really sorry..?” She looked direct into his eyes which were moist..
“Will you forgive me.?” Kunj pouted angrily and tried to loose uimself from his grip..but in the process..
Twinkle pushed him to the bathroom door…entangled her hands around his neck..and latched his lips within hers….
Her lips moved on his rough and dried…she licked it and loosed his grip to his lip.he thought she is broking and sighed a releif but twinkle took the chance and made it deeper..

“I love you kunj…..i really do…i…i was just bainless..ullu..mad.. And evrything..pls forgive me.?” She broke and spoke against his lips…
His eyes and pain board into her..but still he wasnt convinced


Hope u liked itt..and i justified the pain and emotions..
Whats gonna happen.?

Kunj shouldnt forgive her easily..or should he.??

To know more stay tuned …next is shammu..
And then last..10 chapter will be last..which will be written by both of us…

Dont tell to continue..it was a school love and i am glad it turned out a huge success..

Again a huge thanx to all the writers of first season..and personally thanks to sameera for writing with me…and also to me?

If you liked it..you can cmnt..
As i said i will not ask for it anymorw☺

Aamu loves u alll?

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