“Where is my jhumkha.?”

“Where is the makeup artist,mumma?”

“Is the decorations done.?”

“Girls get ready soon..”




“Guest has started to arrive..”


The shouts,gasps and whisper filled the rooms as the time flied and that was the moment for the two hearts to be one.


Chinki draped herself in the beautiful lehenga,as twinkle helped her to get pin the pallu. The makeup artist applied foundations,concealer,compact,eye line to make the bride look most beautiful.


Twinkle wore a beautiful indo pink with black dupatta looking incredibly hot..



She brushed her hair leaving it fly in air as her phone rang. She looked at the device sitting on the dressing counter and smiled as she read the name,’Mr.sarna’


First ofall,she needed to change his caller id from mr.sarna to kunj. She smiled and answered the call.


“Yes.?” Twinkle asked softly..


“Atleast i expected. Hii. Its a call from your lover and not a business call for god sake,twinkle” kunj huffed in dismay as she chuckled.


“Atleast you could say hi…rather than giving me a lecture like Noddy use to give us during school times”


“Woah. You do remember her”


“How can i forget the lady who gave us so many memories and adventures” she replied drowning in those beautiful memories.


“She wasnt the one who gave this all. But us,who made it all”


“Hello mister,we wouldnt do any daring if she wouldnt be strict”


“Alright you won” he backed off.


“As always..”

she mumbled and looked at herself in mirror contoring her face and holding the phone through her shoulders.


Suddenly kunj started to chuckle which turned to laughters.


“Are you okay..do you need a doctor?.” Twinkle asked confused


“Hahah” he continued laughing and then sobbed


“Alright i am cutting the call if you aint spilling the beans” 


“Wait..wait” he laughed as well as weeped..


“What is it?”


“There are two things” he paused and then continued,”one.i expected a romantic chat but we talked about noddy on our first bf-gf call” he laughed as well as she joined


“We are uniques,you see” she winked though he cant see.


“Haa so uniques that we dint told this all to yuvi and cherry. And they are not leaving us anytime soon. He is going to take revenge and tell everyone” he weeped


“Hahaha.. whats there to cry.mr.sarna. you are such a fattuu” she laughed.


“He is going to tell evrything to our parents after the marriage” he spoke on the line nervously.


“He will but after na. We will sort it out. For now lemme get ready. Bye” she was about to disconnect when she heard,”atleast say i love you” but it was too late,she disconnected leaving the ‘tadapti aatma’ aside?.


The baraat arrived as twinkle got chinki slowly-slowly like a tortoise to the mandap. Everyone eyes was stuck at the bride but there was someone whose eyes dint diveeted from twinkle.

And that was kunj.


Chinki sat beside rohan as the pandit ji started chanting mantra and twinkle stood beside kunj smiling.


There make eachother wear flowers garland as everyone showered roses on them. Twinkle took rose petals in her hands and was about to throw when kunj grabbed her hands. Twjnkle looked at him confused.


“What is it.?” She asked


“Aap ka dulhe raja to yaha hai. Ful waha barsa rahi ho medam” he hissed in her ears,still his hands gripped.


Twinkle blushed a little and tried to free her hand,”but for today. The groom is rohan only. So lemme do what i am doing”


“Nopee..” she twisred her hands but he dint let it go and then twinkle threw away the handful ofroses on him. He left her hand and smiled widely.


“Publice place me to romance mat karo” yuvi whispered,”i guess tum dono ne leela aunty or usha aunty ko batadiya hai sab”




“They saw you involved in romance” yuvi winked as twinj’s eyes came out of the socket.


“Really oh my god! What will we tell them now.. omg i am dead” kunj panicked while twinklelooked at him angrily


“Saari galti tumhaari hai. Bohot romance karna tha na..karo…lo..lo”she forwarded her hand to grab again


“Haww you are blaming me.? You were so involved” he accused her while yuvi and cherry looked at them enjoying the scene.


“Achcha ok..so i’ll not bother you now. Enjoy the whole day alone” twinkle spatted and turned to leave when yuvi and cherry burst out laughing.


“We were joking ..hahaha.. and you..omg” yuvi hold his stomach as they stood shocked. “They saw you fighting now but not your romance”


“Haww.. you idiot. Now wait” twinkle ran behing yuvi and cherry while kunj also joined them. The couple were taking the 5 round around the fire also burst out laughing seeing there friends fighting like childrens.


Like how they use to chase them in their childhood.


The marriage finished as everyone assembled to have the dinner before the bidaayi ceremony.


“They dont know yet but we are telling them soon” thepis was the word yuvi kept saying in there ears making them more impatient and scarded. It wasnt they would reject but they were ashamed on how the hears flied in a blink,being dev das. Twinkle was scared because she took herself away from her mother, if leela would know she will be angry for sure.


“Yuvj..kaisa friend hai yaar. We will tell them by ourself you dont need to be der daayaa..” twinkle hissed.


“What if i will”


“But you should not”


“To fir ek shart hai meri” he winked “what is it?” They asked


“Aaj fir kuch toofani karte hain?” 


“i am in” twinkle said without listening the plan as yuvi described it all.


Everyone agreed.


The bidaayi session took place with everyone crying. Yuvi sobbed on twinkle’s shoulder dramatically thus making it wet. Twinkle pushed him away and sobbed.

There antics yet again made everyone chuckle out of their nostalgic moment.


The bride amd groom was suppose to leave for the hotel,they booked.


Chinki and rohan’s car came to a hault,suddenly. They looked out to see twinkle and gang in the car.


“What is it?” Chinki asked angrily cuase they wefe destroying their suhagraat


“Humne sab kuch saath kiya hai na” yuvi spoke

“Haa to suhagrast bhi sasthme hi karte hai” twinkle winked and wraped a black material on their head and pushed them in the car.


The night passed out as they reached a beautiful beach well decorated with a honeymoon setup. They scared both dropping there leg directly in water but than gave the surprise. 


They laughed and chuckled and passed 2 hours there chatting but then left the beautiful couple thus exiting the place






2 years later …

A sweet and cute mansion was shown it was very beautiful just like a dream house made with all the love …

The outer side of house ..



The inner side …



A tall handsome man with perfect looks entered inside the house as he was talking steps he slipped slightly due to chocolate rapper he saw it and murmured “siyappa queen” and took his steps further he saw many chocolate wrappers scattered all around the house he followed the path and directly reached to the backside of house and saw a girl wearing with pretty top and pink plazo was sitting on the chair still having the chocolates the chocolates smeared on her face too she was having a cute baby bump too ….he smiled and moved further tip toed and kept hand on her eyes ….

Kunjjj …twinkle screamed while he take off his hands and went infront of her and sat on the opposite couch …

Twinkle !!! What the hell is this you are still eating chocolates and what’s that these wrappers are all scattered around ….kunj said arching his eye brows while twinkle smiled sheepishly ..


So what I can do Haan this little wants that so I was giving that’s it she said ..

Ahaan is that so the that little ones want pointing at her belly or this little one want he said pointing finger on her …

What do you mean Haan I am not little I am grown up and soon going to be mumma she said with full attitude ..


Ohh really moti don’t eat so much chocolates already you had became so much fat…miss fatso he said smirking as he knew what’s gonna come up  …

How dare you called me fatso it’s because of you only …twinkle said irritated while kunj eyes grew wider …

Hawww shameless what you wanna say Haan he asked …


Heyyy idiot I am not talking about that I am talking about the extra love n care you are give me since you got the news of me expecting she said while he smiled biting his tongue while she continued you are such a shameless always thought something else huh she ended while he smiled …

Haan so he said and got up while twinkle too …they both laughed seeing each other …


I still can’t believe we both are together after so much my love kunj said pecking her forehead while she smiled …

(After informing to the family in chinki wedding about them …usha Manohar and Leela didn’t take so much time and got them married as soon as possible with everything after few months they both shifted to UK making Thier own dream house …they have been settled enjoying each n every phase of life ..when twinkle expecting gave a suprise of both of them …


kunj has been providing with all of her things her every needs …her every cravings either it may be in morning 6 or night at 1 his siyappa queen demands he was fulfilling everything …and she was now a cute panda ??? ) 

They both smiled as they recalled a sweet phase of their life and smiled looking at each other and their entwined hands …

But kunj I am angry with you huh ??

Hawww what I did twinkle ???? He asked …


You went for your so called meeting leaving me alone here huh I don’t want to talk ..she said ..

Oh you don’t want to talk it’s okay then I’ll eat that ice cream alone which I had been brought for you too he said …

Wait I’ll get angry later now wanna have ice cream she said while kunj laughed ..

I lied I didn’t brought anything he showed his tongue while she frown and got up and left inside ..he laughed seeing her ..

Soon he arranged the dinner for them and both had it still twinkle was angry


Acha now leave you anger I’ll give your ice cream he said and went inside kitchen to take out ice cream …

He came back with one bowl filled with the scoops of strawberries vanilla butterscotch chocolate while twinkle eyes sparkled they both have it feed each other…soon they kept the utensils back in kitchen …


Kunj accompanied her to their room it was too cutely set up with one side all the pictures of twinj of their school their wedding and many of kunj pictures on which twinkle had shown her photography skills …he take her to her side of bed and made her lie ..he lied beside her …


Story kunj she said while he looked at her and cursed himself for being a writer ..it had been daily before going to sleep kunj had to make her listen on of his story …

Hmm this is good if you are a writer then don’t marry ? you have to tell story every day to your pregnant wife when she is a biggest siyappa queen and question mark he murmured …

What did you said ??? Twinkle asked sleepy while he said nothing and made her sleep …he smiled pecking her forehead then slept too …


Days passed by and finally their most awaited day arrives when they had to welcome their charmer ..usha Manohar and Leela was present there too ..

Chinki and Rohan joined them with their baby AVIRAJ yuvi who was newly wedded he married  to one of twinkle frnd and Anita best friend daughter Aditi was on their honeymoon in UK too …cherry had been married his childhood crush from his native place and was in India missing twinkle kunj chinki and yuvi who are together ..


Twinkle was shouting with uncontrollable pain while they were distracting her till they reached hospital soon they reached …

After sometime later doctor came outside while they all went towards doctor…

Doctor hows my fine is she fine ??? 

Haan Dr how’s chudail ? Yuvi said while chinki punched him …

Shut up …



Huh both said while Aditi and Rohan pat Thier foreheads …

Dr keep calm everything is fine congratulations Mr said you are blessed with a baby boy he said while kunj shouted ..

Whatttt ??? He said smiling ..

Can we all meet her yuvi asked while doctor nodded …

Soon after sometime they went and kunj saw twinkle and his boy inside he took him in his hands …he was admiring his baby …while twinkle smiled seeing the father -son


Awe he went on kunj in his charms chinki said …

He gave him to usha and Leela who took off his evil eye while all smiled ..

Chinki informed cherry who missed them even more …

Kunj take his baby back as he didn’t wanted him to give him to anyone …

Haan kunj now give him to us too yuvi said while kunj looked at him and carefully gave in yuvi hands while baby kicked yuvi all laughed …


He went on his father in looks and mischievous on mother he said looking at twinkle .. firstly she used to kick me now Mr chotu Sarna too started he said while all laughed and played with baby and twinj spend sometime with him cherishing them …






5 years later ..


An open area venue was shown decorated extremely wonderful as it was the biggest launch of kunj success his book which he had write with so emotions and feelings …

The excitation in people was there when he posted his first teaser of book …

The titled was written outside the venue 

“BOOK LAUNCH OF HOGAYA HAI TUJHSE PYAAR SAJHNA {A Tale Of Dramatic Friendship And Twistful love} ~BY KUNJ SARNA …


The venue was filled by the business man the writers the photographer the media who was waiting for the writer and his family …they were hell excited ..

Manohar had been accompanied by usha who was very much happy with their son success Leela too came after sometime and joined sarnas ..


Cherry and his wife Maya came their with their daughter Ashi followed by yuvi and Aditi with Thier daughter Aleena who was 4 years old … Cherry and yuvi met while Ashi and Aleena were good friends just like Thier parents ..the duo cherry and yuvi was joined by chinki and Rohan with Thier son Aviraj …

Ohhh the stars of the show didnt came till now ???? …chinki asked ..

Arey they are on way see they came said yuvi …


A black mercedes was shown stopped infront of the venue …kunj came outside dressed in black tuxedo looking hot asusal he went to other and opened car for twinkle she came in perfect ash coloured gown they both smiled when their boy “KRISH KUNJ SARNA”who was of 5 year old now came out he really got the charms from his father and cuteness and siyappa from his mother …

They headed towards when the media surrounded them they all posed for a pic ..when kunj met other …


Now it was time for inauguration of the ceremony …

So as promised my love that the inauguration will be by our symbol of togetherness kunj smiled looking at Krish …they all moved forward near the ribbion …

It was above Krish height kunj took him in his arms and made him cut the ribbion while all smiled and Krish pecked his father cheek while twinkle captured their pic …


They all went inside while taneja gang sat Together with Thier little taneja gang of (Aviraj Krish Ashi and Aleena ) …

Welcome everyone I am very much happy that you all came today well this is the most awaited book for you all and most excited book for me as it based upon my real life the togetherness of friends those masti I recherised each n every moment again while penning it ..the tale of twistful love was the bestest part and I’ll be waiting for your review guys enjoy I won’t take much time kunj said and all clapped ..

Soon the guests started enjoying themselves while the taneja gang kunj twinkle cherry chinki yuvi stand together with Thier best halfes …

Yuvi was looking for Aleena when Aditi sees and said are you checking out girls again ???? 

What you are talking huh I stopped that yuvi said while chinki twinkle laughed seeing his condition he has been controlled by Aditi very much …


Wah yuvi good condition kunj said while yuvi glares at him …

Oye kunj mine was case123 but yours toh biggest siyappa queen ..he said smirking …

When they noticed Krish and Aleena together they were good friends but Krish was possesive about Aleena too …


Krish saw Aleena taking to other boy same of their age and took her from there while twinkle and yuvi eyes popped out seeing them …

See this padhaku Narayan son ..so much possesive about my baby cutiepie …yuvi said …

Haan see him ??I never saw him like that twinkle said while they all laughed ..

In this my baby went on me too kunj said while twinkle says not at all …they both argue on that …


So the little taneja gang will have a love story too …Krish and Aleena wow chinki and cherry said together …

No I had arrange marriage and Aleena too will have that ?yuvi said while twinkle punched him …you will never improve he gritted his teeths…

Okay yuvi she will have arrange marriage with Krish only before wedding they will eventually fall in love kunj said smiling ..


This is not kuch to hua hai by Sameera cherry said …

But our twinkle and kunj story was like junoon walA ishq by aamu chinki ended while they all laughed thinking what rubbish things they are talking …






Twinkle and gang,which was yuvi,kunj,Chinki plus their partners..aditi,rohan and Maya Sat on a table feeding theor own kiddos.


“Mumma.. I want That brownie” Krish demanded oointing towards the brownie bowl which was in the middle of the table.


Twinkle went forward to take it but,”no i want it its only one bowl here”Aleena hold the bowl


“It is a big one darling,you can surely share,right?” They tried to conbince the little one. But she nodded in no.


“No..means no.. i am choco girl i want share” 


Twinkle signed kunj to bring another bowl when krish stood uo angrily,”you are so stingy and mean. I protect youand take care of you. But you are so mean” he said angrily.


“Calm down. Mr.sarna. paps is bringing you another” twinkle tried to cooe him down but he was as arrogant and stubborn as his dad.


“No,i am getting late. I have to study”


“Padhaaku narayan”yuvi bursted in laughter,”just like kunj”


Twinkle signed aditiand she punched him in stomach.


“Hey bhagwan..kesi violent biwi di hai muje” he hissed in pain.


“Tu silent rahega to violent nai hogi wo” twinkle retorted back.


Ashi  and aleena burst in to giggles followed by the cute claps,”you are so cute”


“Haa..or papa ne sahi kaha hai.. doston me ladai ki koi umar nai hoti in his book” Krish said,” ohh no..pyaar ki koi umar nai hoti aisa tha”


“When did you read,?”


“Ohhoo..how can i read. Mumma explained me.” 


“Syappa queen..” kunj murmured while yuvi again spoke,”Padhaaku narayan”


Twinkle and aditi looked at eachother, and the next moment there hands was sticked at their hubby’s stomach..


“Owww…” they growled and the screen freezeddd…








So finally after months,we atlast completed this amazing journey of ‘Ho gaya hai tujhse pyaar sajna’


Not to say much..

But yeah.it was really a great success.

I would like to thank each and every reader plus ach and every writer without who, this book wouldnt reach where it is today.

It gave so many readers, a deja vu feeling as well as everyone enjoyed.


Though post leap seemed boring in start,you all supported and was patient enough to bear our late (maha late) updates.


So thank you very much everyone


In future,we donno if we will be in touchalways but yeah this fanfic which created a kind of unity will be with us we can open it anytime and read our madneess..


So thank you soo much.

*lol..i sound like its my last day*

This characters wil misss you all as well as we will miss this. 

Hope you liked this L.O.N.G update and it filled your aching stomach?THanx to sam and all other authors who helped??







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