Hey guys Sameera here ??????????….
Hogaya hai tujhse pyaar sajhna …?????? Season 2 ..

Chapter #2 …
Twinj took yuvi to the hospital and got him admitted there ….They were standing outside and doctors were operating yuvi it …twinkle was standing tensed and kunj looks at her …and thought for something ….

O cry baby he will be fine …he said smirking …!!

Just shut up and how dare you call me a cry baby haan ?????? She aksed ..

I can dare siyappa queen ….oh no no u are now a cry baby uwaaa ??????….hai na ….twinki chwinki cry baby he laughed ..while twinkle got angry ..and ran behind him …

He was running n running with twinkle behind him ..

Ruk you padhaku Narayan I’ll not leave you now ..

Abey chal pehle pakad ke to dikha mujhe you cry baby ..

Againnnn ..now u are gone ???..

Kunj collided with the nurse and the equipments which that nurse was carrying falls …

You idiot she shouted ..??and kunj stands there like a faithful student ..looking at the nurse ….

Twinkle laughed standing behind the nurse …

What sorry haan ?? She said while kunj helped her in picking up the things ..

I am so sorry you beautiful …he said and the nurse blushes while twinkle looked at him with wide mouth ..and kunj winked at twinkle …

You are sooo beautiful mam he said looking at twinkle while she was making faces and nurse was blushing ..

It’s okay now you go Mr handsome she replied and left from there ..

Hah u are just impossible padhaku Narayan …she said …

Hey ..I am not padhaku Narayan yaar just look at me ..I am so s*xy cool dashing handsome every girl in abroad were mad for me ..he said and was just blabbering while twinkle give unbelievable look ..

Koi itna self obsessed kaise ho Sakta hai ..she said ..

Koi nahi baby ye kunj sarna hai he replied ..and winked at twinkle ..

Twinkle was going to answer him back when doctor came here and they moved towards him ….

Doctor how’s my friend ???? Twinkle aksed ..

He is fine now it was not a major accident …but still u have to take care of him ..

Can we take him back ??? Kunj aksed while doctor nodded ….

He left from there while twinj went inside …and saw yuvi flirting with the nurse ..both looks at each other with “YEH KABHI NAHI SUDHARNE WALA LOOK” …he saw twinj standing looking at them and gave a sheepish smile ..nurse left from there leaving the trio ..

Kutte gadhe Tu Kabhi nahi badlega twinkle said and punched him on his chest ….

Ouch ouiiiiii maaa ..he shouted while kunj laughed …

Tu abhi b jungli Billi hi hai he said and looked at twinkle angrily ..

Hah ? fir tune Kya socha ke mein badal jaungi haan ????? ..she asked ..

Waise Tu aise gayab kyun hogayi ??? He asked while twinkle looked on shocked ..
Kunj too looked at twinkle curiously ..waiting as he too wanted to know why she left ….

Wo ..mein ..wo ..she was lacking words when her phone started ringing ..it flashed chinki ..she picked up ..the call
Haan chinki I reached yeah we will be there ….soon ba byee ..she ended ..

Chalo if u are fine then we will leave what say guys ..while the boys looked at twinkle …and then nodded ..

I’ll go and fill up the formalities of discharge u both stay here ..she ended and left from there before she can bombarded with questions ..of how when why …

Something is fishy yuvi said while kunj nodded the boys started talking ..
Soon he trio left ..for chinki place …

Yuvi car was damaged so it was sent to mechanic ..while they went in kunj’s car …..

U both sit in front I’ll sit at back …yuvi said while twinkle interuppted ..

Kyun ???? She aksed him while they looked at her ….

Arey Bhai ab heroine hero k saat baithegi na ..yuvi said without thinking ..while Kunj passed him death glare and twinkle was confused …

Nahi kuch nahi mein lait Kar jaunga peeche tujhe kuch problem hai he aksed while twinkle said no and they sat ..

Kunj opened the door and twinkle sat while he smiled …(bas itni si tamanna hai plays in BG….) While yuvi whistles ..and kunj punched him too …

Ouiiiiii maaa ???he shouted again and kunj pushed him inside and drove off to chinki place …
@ chinki place ::::
a girl was walking from here and there impatiently looking at the door …when a dashing man pats her from behind …

Law xyz ke hisabb se mulzim Yaha aate hi hoge …chinki madam ..he ended ..

Chup Kar cherry Teri lawyer giri huh she said ..good for nothing ..
(So the girl was chinki and boy was good for nothing cherry ..)

Haha bride itni tension achi Nahi hai twinkle shouted from the door ..

Chinki and cherry looked at the door to find the rest 3 of taneja gang ..

They all moved towards each other and stand making a circle ..they looked at each other and laughed ….

Haaye hum sab kitne bade hogaye hai chinki said ..while all smiled ..

Ab bade hona tha to bade hi hoge na pata nahi konsa gadha tujh se shadi karne wala hai yuvi said and he again got punched ..

Ahhh tumlog ki toh saale sab mujhe maar rahe hai …he said while all laughed ..

Abey tujhe hua Kya hài waise cherry aksed and punched him ..again ….

Ajj to you all are dead yuvi said ..and took water pipe and made them all wet ..

Yuviiii all shouted …and then looked at each other smiling ..

Ek hug to Banta hai boss Twinkle said ..and they all hugged each other …

They met chinki parents n other twinkle met Leela n hugged her …

Tu Ghar chal rahi hai ?? Ya yahi rukna hai ???? Leela aksed ..

Maa plzz I wanna stay here plzz twinkle pleaded ..

Chod de Leela yuvi bhi yahi rahega said Anita and baaki k poore bhi chinki said and all got happy …Leela and Anita went back …after aksing them to take care of yuvi while all said ..

Hum iski ache se khatir daari karengay hai na guys Twinkle said looking at yuvi smirking ..while the rest taneja gang nodded ..

Chalo u all get freshen up …then we will chit chat guys …chinki said and all nodded …

Yuvi Tu mere saat chal cherry said and took him with them …

After sometime they all got freshen up changed their clothes and went on the lawn and sat their ..

Twinkle chinki cherry kunj n yuvi in order twinj were sitting opposite to each other ..

Tu sachi shadi karne wali hai re ??? Yuvi said …while chinki looked at him ..

Haan then Rohan is a good guy chinki said and blushed and all looked at her weirdly …

Tu Rohan se shadi karne wali hai ..uss padhaku se yuvi and cherry asked shocking as they all knew that she is getting but with whom.they didn’t knew

Haan what’s so shocking in that she said

Pata nahi yar ye ladkiya padhaku ladko se hi kyun shadi karte hai ….ye padhakhus to single rehne chahiye ..cherry said ..while kunj looked at him .
Oye aisa mat bol hurt hota hai kunj said and acted to cry …

Arey mere Bhai I am not taking about you …he said and they both hugged ..yuvi pat’s them both ..on their mid brain ???…and they laughed ..

Haan so I am finally getting married what about you guys single rehne Ka irada hai Kya ???? ..chinki asked ..

Aisa kuch irada nahi hai kunj said looking at twinkle …while she looked at him.he turned his gaze ..
(Tere liye duniya chod di hai tujh pe hi saans aake time mein tujhe Kitna Chahta hoon ye Tu Kabhi soch na sake ..plays in BG …..)

Haan I wanna too get married soon yuvi said ..and all teased him ..

Acha …itni simple wedding yar ???? Twinkle said ..while chinki looked at her ..

No ways guys it’s destination wedding ..we are leaving tomorrow morning chinki ended and all hooted ….

Chinki Rohan came said chinki moms and she ran up to meet him ….

Chalo Rohan se milte hai ???yuvi said and they went there ..

There comes another model ..chinki ran n hugged him …

Rohan come I have a suprise for you she said and moved aside Rohan sees taneja gang and smiled …

That’s why I was thinking why u are so happy Jaan he said and met taneja gang ..

Hey twinkle after a long time ..?? He said while twinkle smiled ..

I am so happy guys thanks u all came here chalo chinki I’ll leave ..but remember we are leaving tomorrow he said ..and left after hugging chinki ..

Awww so cute love birds Twinkle said smiling at them while kunj looked at her n smiled ..

I love you twinkle u were the first and last girl of my life ..don’t know u too feel for me same or not …kunj thought ..
That’s it guys ????..
Aur nahi likh Sakti …
Chalo next turn is of aamu again ??
Hope u all like it …
I am so sorry guys I won’t be able to post my ff for few days as I am ill …beemar Hu ??…
I wrote this one just to inform u all ..
I know aamu u asked me to post whenever I want ab daant na mat ..Mann Kiya to likh Diya …
And and yesss …we want 15+ comments tabhi next wala dengay ??????…
Chalo jaldi jaldi bata do epi kaisa laga ..
Ba byeee u all take care ….
And baby we will be very happy if u can write do tell us if u are free ..
Ba byee guys love u all ..

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  1. Nishuu

    Hi Sam baby episode was awesome fantastic and that flirting part of kunj and uv in hospital was superb ????
    Plzz make twinj to realize their love for each other and add some jealous part of twinj plzzzz plzzzz
    Love u Sam baby ????????
    Take care of urself

  2. Aamu

    Haayoo rabbbbbaaaa..
    It was awesome…blossooommm…blast..bhum…????
    Loved it whole..
    Haha….kunj flirting with tw indirectly was..??
    Den uv kaa ‘hiii maaa..!” Walaa..??
    N rohan n chinki..
    Kunj kuwaara rahega?????..
    Haha..i cant stop laughing…
    Welll it was blast..post sooon(me apne app ko hi keh rahi hu??)

    Welll lets see..cmnts…n after that i’ll post sooooon…
    N tu na..! Ek thappad khaati bimaar hai fir bhi likha..but ye chapter ne mooddd cool kardiya bach gayi??

    Chal tc..n get well sooon..
    N post kaatil n kthh after dat onl..
    Love u

    1. Baby

      aamiiee informing u agn jaan i wont b able to write cmnt padlio bhn mera peechle episode par mere fav. ff ke jo hai yeh jo meri life ke yaadon mein humesh ake liye bas gaya hai jisko mein apne se door nahi bhej paungi……♥
      love u♥

      1. Aamu

        Its ok di..no need of sorry..☺..
        I can understand..no wrrry..
        Me n shammu will manage..

    2. Baby

      sorry again yrr…..♥

  3. Sidmin ki sadia

    Amazing too good and funny also luv their dialogues. Luv it soo much post soon. Next

  4. Brilliant episode sami❤️?
    Kunj yuvi bonding ❤️❤️❤️??funny
    Get well soon ?
    Post soon

  5. awesome episode dear???????

    taneja gang masti too good amazing?????

    kunj ka indirectly twinkle ke saath cute & romantic scene???????????????

    aur tu bimar h na to aaraam kar OK get well soon dear

    all the best aamu & post soon sweety ?????

    luv u?????

  6. Presha

    Loved it dii….
    Now ammu post soon….
    Love u….

    1. Aamu

      Ham to jldi hi karte hai…aapko to pata hi hoga ji????..

      1. Presha

        Bhl bhi chahiye..
        Post kr na..
        I m eager..plz pls plz

    2. Aamu

      Haanji try karungi☺???

  7. SidMin23

    Hahaha love it and uv is such a drama king
    And plz make twinj relize their feeling for each other. And excited to read more of this FF. And all the best for next episode. And kunj filirting with nurse. And Twinj little moment to awesome

  8. Awsm… Luvd it… Superb… Cute… Post nxt asap… Luv u… Byeee

  9. Rochika

    Sameera di it was such an amazing episode..!!!??????????? loved the whole….oh goshhh yrrr yuvi flirting with nurse..so awesome????????????? i loved it yrr..! All the best aamu di for nxt episode….????
    Post soon
    Love u!?

  10. Purnima.agrawal30

    AWESOME amazing fabulous funny

  11. Baby

    ohh god osm saamiieee ♥
    loved it so mchkunj babu loves ttwinkle srsly cant w8 ♥
    love u ♥
    plss take care n get well soon ♥
    take proper rest ♥
    osm epi ♥

  12. Baby

    d fun d talks maza aagya ♥

  13. Supriya18d

    bahut mazza aaya n aur aayegaa…luv it

  14. Twinj

    Hey sammera
    Wow????? kya likha hae…padaku narayan that name???..n moreover uv ko kitna maar rahe the beechara uv…but yaar bilkul maaza aagaya…????loved it…oh ho padaku logo ko single hona chaiye???…n woh accordimg to xyz law??? bilkul jabarjast….post asap n take care….

  15. Ramya

    Awesome sam amazing
    Just so lovely
    So cute episode superb
    Apna dhyaan rakho
    Love you keep smiling

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