Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Tumse Raglak Part 7


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As soon as doctor arrived Sanskar leaded him to Laksh’s room from which scary sounds could be heard.

The doctor was taken aback with the sounds and looked at Sanskar narrowing his eyebrows.

“Its nothing doctor, dont worry she is my mom who is crying”
“Ooh” said the doctor nodding his head and followed Sankaar again.
Doctor stood up after checking and treating Laksh’s bruises. It was that time when Sujata showered questions.

“Is he fine doctor? Is there anything serious? He got any fractures? Hr dont have any internal bleeding right? God doctor please answer me hoe is my Laksh?”

“Mom please if you continue questioning him then how do you expect him to answer? Firstly you calm down please.”

Sankaar came to rescue the poor doctor who was really very thankful for that little help from Sanskaar.

“How will I calm myself Sankaar. See how that person whoever it has beaten my son so badly.” Sujata cried looking at Laksh who was sleeping.

Sanskaar along with other members in the room just shook their head looking at her love towards Laksh.

Though Sanskaar and Laksh were her real children she always loved and cared Laksh more. Since Laksh’s childhood she has been looking after him like her own child even in the presence of Annapurna, Laksh’s maternal mother.
Before laksh’s birth Annapurna was told that there will be some complications in the delivery and any one of them can be saved. But by God’s grace both mother and child were safe. Even though the delivery was successful Annapurna’s health was effected badly that she was hospitalized for a month and strictly told to take rest for few months.
Hence Laksh’s responsibility was given to sujata and being a sister to Annapurna she readily agreed to take care of Laksh with open heart and looked after Laksh like a maternal mother sometimes avoiding her own children.

A/N: Here Laksh and Sanskaar are younger than Uttara.

“Mom please now let the doctor speak”
“Mrs Maheshwari, nothing to worry. Laksh is perfectly fine. He don’t any internal bleeding nor any fracture. He just got some bruises which will be healed within 1 week and I have written some medicines which has to be taken as a painkiller. Take care of him. Good bye.”

They all nodded their heads and thanked the doctor. Adarsh followed doctor till the living room.

Sujata sat on the bed beside Laksh and caressed his hair lovingly.

“Ill be with him. You all go and get some sleep” Sujata said announcing full and final.

AP (Annapurna) looked at Sujata amused and nodded her head in ok and all dispersed the room. Though Laksh was her child and however she might think that she should be the one who has to Takr care of Laksh but she knew no one would be able to take care of Laksh than Sujata. Not even she.

Ragini’s POV

As I entered our house I saw Di standing at the kitchen counter. She was giving me looks as where the hell was I this late.

Shit, I should have better gone through window.

“Di that….”

“What’s the matter Ragini. Firstly you don’t sleep alone without me but today you slept and now you are coming from outside and that too at 11.pm. what were you doing outside? Where were you?”

“Di actually I wasn’t getting sleep so I thought of going out for a walk and maybe then I would get some sleep.”

“Don’t give me these stupid excuses ok. I am watching you since morning you are acting all weird. Now stop beating bush around and tell me the truth”

I let out a big sigh. I don’t knoe what to tell her now and I won’t be able to run away from her by giving any stupid reasons.

“Ragini, just speak up”

“Di, who actually I…woh…I went to beat up Laksh”

Swara’s Pov

“Di, who actually I…woh…I went to beat up Laksh”

What?? What the hell is wrong with this girl. I had already mentioned that Mumbai is not a place for her stupidities. If that guy has gang and all then that should we do. I can see that she is waiting for me to say something.

“What’s that in your hand Ragu?”

I asked her when I saw something red in her hand. Oh God please I hope it is not that thing which I am thinking. I saw her hesitating. Hence I grabbed her hand out and yaah I was right.

She has beaten him with the damn boxing gloves.

“What the hell is wrong with you Ragini. How can you be so stupid. I had already told you that we will avoid talking with boys and you, you have beaten up a boy? I understand he has hurt me but that doesn’t mean that you should beat him up like this. I also warned you not to do anything…”

“Di I…”

“Don’t talk to me now. Your punishment for a week”

I strode to my room and closed the door with a thud while Ragini was following me and asking for my forgiveness. But not today, I am damn angry on her. I know she has done this for me, but I am scared. If something happens to her what will I do. I love her so much that I am really scared of losing her. Though I won’t be able to stay without talking to her still I have to. Its her punishment and it’s better f I stay angry on her for some days.

Oh god please avoid any encounters of Laksh and Ragini.

I silently prayed and slept.

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