Ho Gaya Hai Pyar Tumse Raglak Part 6(Revenge time)

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The clock struck 10 and Ragini literally jumped from the sofa, which made Swara bounce a bit on her place who was watching TV. Swara looked at her shocked and gave her a ‘what was that’ look. Ragini showed her teeth

“whoo.. I am feeling sleepy di” she fake yawned “So going to sleep.” “Okay then..I will join you” said Swara switching pressing the red button on the TV remote.
“Nooooooo” Ragini almost yelled making Swara throw the Remote from her hand being scared. “What was that girl???” said Swara after a while picking the Remote.
“M sorry Di…but just…uh..wanted to say..uh..who..”
“Stop stammering and blurt it out”
“I wanted to sleep in my room today…..alone”
Swara was stunned. Since childhood Ragini never slept alone, she always wanted her Di close to her. Now what has made her change. She looked at Ragini probably for a reason and Ragini who understood Swara’s looks continued.
“Actually Di…just wanted to experience once the feel of sleeping alone” again showing her teeth.
Swara looked at her for a while and then sighed. She didnt wanted to drag this silly thing. So she just nodded and quickly wished Ragini good night and left.
Ragini sighed after Swara left. Am sorry di to hurt you. But if I had told you the truth you wouldn’t have agreed.
She went to her bedroom and paced towards the window after bolting the door.
Oh god…what time does these Maheshwari’s sleep yaar? Can’t wait to wreck that Maheshwari. I hope he haven’t slept yet.
Just then she saw someone climbing down from Laksh’s window. She observed the person and shocked to see that it was Laksh itself.
Oh my…this Maheshwari is leaving Ragu..this is a good chance just go.
Ragini had already planned to move out from the balcony by arranging ropes and tying it in a way from which she would be able to jump off from the balcony easily. She smirked and took something and started climbing down.
On the other hand, being regularly climbing down and up from the balcony Laksh was still struggling in climbing down while on the other side Ragini easily climbed down and secretly entered into the Laksh’s compound. (Dont ask me how?)
However Laksh got down and turned only to face Ragini there “You..how did you get here” he half yelled.
Laksh was stunned to look at her there. He wasn’t expecting this at all. How come a new girl in the town find his address this easily and more importantly what was she doing here at this time.
Ragini initially gritted looking at him and then smiled. 
“Hey Laksh..are you going somewhere?” Asked Ragini
“How come you are here and hoe did you find my address?” Asked Laksh.
Ragini chuckled a bit and replied..
“Normally girls would ask such questions.. and here it is a boy who is asking question. Anyways btw I am Ragini.” She said without forwarding her hand.
“That wasn’t my question. I askex you something else dear”
Ragini rolled her eyes when Laksh mentioned ‘dear’.
“Leave that Mr..I can tell you that later..actually I have a surprise for you”
Laksh looked at her confused and just then realised that through out their conversation Ragini had her hands behind her back.
“What’s that?” Asked Laksh now curious to know.
Ragini removed her hands from back and showed him. She was wearing boxing gloves in her hands and had white paper like thing in her hand. He looked at her bewildered.
“What’s th…” he started but trailed off as Ragini forced the paper like thing on his mouth which stuck rightly on his lips. And started punching Laksh on his face..tummy..shoulders..while Laksh was trying hard to defend him self
Laksh fell on the ground in pain. After about 10 minutes, which seemed ages for Laksh she stopped. She was panting too.
“So..Mr Laksh Maheshwari…how was…my surprise?? She said panting in between.
Being in pain Laksh couldn’t answer anything and also his mouth was still stuck with that sticky paper.
“Oops m so sorry. Main bhi kaise pagal hu(I am also like on mad)
Hope you are alright. And now I am removing this paper. Please scream after I leave. And dare you take my name when anyone asks about this. I know Sanskaar is your brother and I won’t hesitate to tell him what you did to my sister and me. Do tell how you liked my boxing skills.”
Saying she removed the sticky paper and ran as soon as she did it.
Here, Laksh yelped in pain and shouted “What the hell.. you idiot..I won’t leave you.”
He couldn’t shout further as his mouth was paining as well. After sometime he removed his phone from his pocket and called someone still lying on the ground.


*Hello Bhai*

*Ya Laksh tell me*

*Can you…please come…out*

*What’s the matter Laksh? Why do you sound different?*

*Bhai please llease…come out..please*

*okay I am coming*
Sanskaar moved out of the house tensed and started searching Laksh.
“Laksh..??Where are Laksh?”

He dialled Laksh’s number as he wasn’t getting reply from him. Just then he heard the ringtone which was similar to Laksh’s phone from behind. He turned and looked at the direction from where the sound was coming and was stunned to look Laksh on the ground. He ran towards Laksh.
“What’s this Laksh? What happened?”
“Bhai please lift me up first”
Sanskaar lifted Laksh up and Laksh got up with great difficultly.
“Did you fall from the balcony whilr jumping?” Sanskar screeched.
“Ouch bhai….I thought you are smart but you proved me wrong.. do you think I’ll get such bruises if I fall from balcony?”
“Yeah your right..then what happend??”
Oh god..what to tell bhai now. Even if that Ragini hadn’t warned me I wouldn’t be able to tell that she had beaten me up…and that too with boxing gloves..it would be so embarrassing.
Sanskaar snapped in front of Laksh bringing him out of his thoughts.
“Uh..bhai..who..aaaahhh…its paining badly bhai. I can’t even stand here. Can we go in and talk.” Laksh said diverting the topic.
“Ooh..sorry sorry..lets move”
Saying Sanskaar took Laksh inside the house and helped him till his bedroom. He made him sit and went outside to inform everyone and calling doctor.

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