Hitler Didi 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 9th May 2013 Written Update

-Rishi gets worried and has tears in his eyes seeing Indira falling unconscious.
-When Indira regains consciousness, she also gets worried seeing him crying.
-Society people get amazed seeing such bond between them after the way they were fighting.
-Rishi tells Indira if she doesn’t eat, then she will keep getting weakness like this.
-A lady says from her experience, it seems like as if Indira is pregnant.
-Rishi and Indira are over the moon. Indira soon realizes Rishi crossed the line, and asks him to go to his side.
-A doctor comes and Indira refuses for her checkup.
-Rishi tries to convince her, and in their argument, by mistake, he slaps her. He apologizes right away.
-Indira pulls Rishi and sends him on his side. Rishi asks her in front of everyone why she won’t allow to do her checkup.
-Everyone finds out she is pregnant. Mehar taunts that Indira can’t handle 1 and now bringing another.
-Indira asks her to shut, but Indu comes forward and supports Mehar. Rishi stops her and asks her to go to her room.
-But it’s too late, her harsh words hurt Indira. She dismisses the case and ask society people to come back tomorrow.
-Indira hurts even more seeing people gossiping about her pregnancy and how she can’t take care of child.
-Indira promises herself that she will prove everyone wrong. She wants to know whether she is pregnant or no, but doesn’t have enough money for the fees.
-Munna, Suhnaina, Inder, and his wife want to go to Indira, but don’t know how to cross line. They decide to go over the line, and Sehar gives them electrical shock when they put their legs on the line. They think it’s Indira who did that to prevent them from crossing the line. They manage to go to Indira, but Indira says even if she is pregnant she won’t tell them.
-When going back to their side, Sehar gives another shock to Suhnaina, and she gets her sight back.
-Rishi is angry at Indu, and about to teach her a lesson, but Bheem stops and says to him that he will make Indu understand. Rishi smiles seeing bond between the two.
-A funny, useless, and romantic scene between Munna and Suhnaina just to promote movie Race 2 which will be coming on Zee TV this Sunday.
-Indira steps outside, and Rishi, Inder, Munna follow her in a burkha to find out whether she really is pregnant or no.

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