Hitler Didi 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 7th May 2013 Written Update

After the heated argument, Rishi tries to explain to Indira that he’s not God.. he also makes mistakes. And Indira also make mistakes. He says, at least I am accepting my mistake. Indira still tells him, didn’t you hear what I said? I don’t want to see you anymore. Rishi says, fine… then you leave from here.

Indira then asks him for a marker and she draws line in their house. Whole family comes there. She tells him, that side is yours and this side is mine. Neither you nor I will cross this line. Rishi says, fine. He gets paint and makes line bolder.

Now it’s time for everyone to choose their side. Everyone is confused because kitchen is on Rishi’s side and toilet on Indira’s side. Munna says what to think in that.. there are many public toilets out there, we can go there.

He straight away takes Rishi’s side saying no one knows him better than Rishi. He brings Sehar with him as well. Suhnaina decides to go to Indira’s side. She says kitchen is there, but what is guarantee that there will be anything to eat. Mehar takes that responsibility and now Suhnaina also goes on Rishi’s side. Mehar says, money is more important to live. Inder follows Mehar. He says, all the values are not required to live, and goes to Rishi’s side. Indira’s mother tells her that a wife always stays with her husband and she also goes on Rishi’s side.

Now it’s Indu’s turn. She first goes to Indira, and Indira gets happy. But Indu just goes to get Bheem with her. Indu tells Bheem, you’re new so you don’t know her, but I know her very well. If you don’t want to suffer with hitler giri, then come on my side. Bheem looks at Indira. Indira nods him to go there.

So now Indira is left alone. Rishi tells her, I would like to make little correction in what your father said.. that with values, you also need to be practical to have a good life and I am practical. That’s why today your whole family is on my side. Indira says, they are not family members.. they just go where they see their good. She challenges him that he won’t be able to handle them and in 10 days, he will be standing on his side alone. Rishi accepts the challenge and says he can even keep them with him for entire life. He also tells Indira that he will return her 2 lakh rupees within 10 days.

On Rishi’s side, there is a party and everyone is eating delicious food. While Indira doesn’t have anything to eat. She just drinks milk.

When she’s leaving, Bheem goes to her secretly and gives her food. But she doesn’t take it saying she is not hungry. Bheem says, you’re not hungry or you don’t have money? and asks her to take him to his home and he has lots of money in his piggy bank. He tells her, you can keep all that. Indira also says no for that and tells him to take care of her when she gets old. A good bonding scene.

Bheem keeps trying. Indira says, I know who sent you here.. tell that person that I don’t need to take anyone else’s help. She leaves.

Rishi comes out and puts his hand on Bheem.

Precap: It’s bad weather outside and Rishi gets worried for Indira. He crosses the line and goes near Indira.

Update Credit to: Julia

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