Hitler Didi 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 7th January 2013 Written Update

The show begins with all the patients roaming in the jungle and they all begins to feel hungry.They reaches a spot where a party is going on and Indur notices Indira is missing.Vanraj is present in the party and says that Zara must be arriving soon.
Zara sees Indira clothes lying down and is panicked as she does not where to search for Indira and when Rishi calls her,to let her know about Indu being in a critical state and asks her to bring back Indira quickly she says that she’s coming soon together with Indira.As she hang up she thinks where will she search for Indira.
Rishi is waiting for Zara to come and Zara disguises as Indira comes to see Indu while Indira and the other patients together with Indur enter the party in police uniforms.Vanraj sees Indira a bit weird as she’s not walking properly,he thinks…

Rishi is happy on seeing Indira/Zara thinking she’s Indira he tells him how much he’s happy to see her and says that he has confidence in Zara that she’ll bring Indira.
He tries to wake Indu and explains Zara how to pronounce Indu she also acts as Indira while calling Indu and asking her to get up.Rishi keeps telling to Indu her mom is here to get up and finally Zara feels bad that Indu is not waking and begins to cry,when suddenly Indu wakes up.Rishi is happy as well as Indu and she tells Zara how much Zara is bad that she left her in the mental asylum.Zara(acting as Indira) hugs Indu and the latter says finally she recognises her daughter as she recognises Rishi and this is the first time she hugs her.Zara leaves Indu and sits by her side when the doc arrives and tells Rishi to see what a mom is capable of, Rishi nods yes!!

The party is going on and Indira slaps Vanraj.Munna with Savita enter the party venue very well dress and Munna tells Savita he wants his photos to be in the first page.He tells the comissioner he wants a drink and asks him to bring it as he’s a very important person.
In the hospital Rishi says how irresponsible is Zara to leave Indira alone in this state.Rishi tries to call her but she switches off her phone.
Indu says to Rishi they will live happily afterwards and will show the door to Zara.Rishi says yes and Zara feels bad.
Indu asks Rishi if ever Zara already run away?She asks Rishi to take care of her mom otherwise she’ll run away from the hospital.Rishi assures her that he’ll do,not to worry.He asks her to sleep.
In the party Indur wants to cut the cake and a policeman tells him the cake will be cut by the commisioner.Munna tells the commisioner why he did not bring his drink and he wants to meet the commisioner and is shocked and afraid when the officer asks the commisioner to come to cut the cake.Savita says now they will have to leave Delhi as they messed with the commisioner.
The commisioner is cutting the cake while all the patients are cutting the table underneath and the cake falls between them.Indur wishes happy new year to everyone and they begin to eat the cake.

In the hospital Rishi keeps saying to Zara/Indira that how he believed in Zara that she’ll not leave her in the asylum but she did.He also adds that Indira is her responsibility while Zara is his love.he says how Indira is able to understand everything though in this state and Zara with a sound does not want to understand the situation and pain his going through.Zara keeps crying and wiping her tears.He says if he’ll have to chose between his love and responsibility he will choose Indira at least he’ll feel and know to be right.

PRECAP:Rishi holds Zara tightly and harshly asks her about Indira whereabout annd says that he already recognised her but klept quiet only because of Indu,while the latter is hearing Rishi and Zara convo.

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