Hitler Didi 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 7th February 2013 Written Update

Rishi slaps Zara and she says that she was trying to save Indira (I don’t see how . Indu hugs Indira. Rishi ask Indira but as she is about to tell him everything, Zara threatens her with a pocket knife. Zara says that Indira is in a panicky state and might want to confide in her. Zara whispers to indira that if she will kill both Indira and Indu if she blurts out the truth. (CVs , do you remember she had motherly feelings for indu )

Auction starts and the highest bid is 50crores. Munna and Kutumb sign the required papers. The highest bidder says that the real owner will sign the papers and that turns out to be guruma. Munna and Kutumb ask her to hurry up and pay them. She asks them if she will have to pay to buy her own house (the 8 year law doesn’t apply to her ). Everyone asks her about why is she calling it her house. She replies that she is Sunaina. Munna says “shit yaar! iss moti ne phir mere 50crore duba diye” ( I missed 50 cries because of this fatso). Seher hugs her. Sunaina says that Indira is not dead and that she will return. (of course! statistically, she should ) Rishi, Indira, Indu arrive at the scene, Rishi (finally ) recognises guruma as Sunaina. sunaina apologises to him. Indu tells Kutumb that is pay back time and throws Munna and Kutumb’s belongings out of SN. they try to persuade her and then Kutumb faints.

Later Rishi is discussing the recent turn of events with Zara (about whose dead body was it and that Savita isn’t smart enough to chalk thus plan on her own *she was probably smatter than this plan with so many loopholes *). Zara hugs him from back and tells him not to ponder over what has already happened but he is bent on knowing the truth and asks Zara for help. She agrees to find out the truth ( ). she says that she will talk to Indira about it but Rishi tells her not to do so because she feels uncomfortable in Zara’s presence. He leaves.

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Update Credit to: saumya

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