Hitler Didi 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 5th February 2013 Written Update

Zara sacks Indira and asks Indu about where she is going. Indu says she heard her mom’s voice. Zara says that it was her voice. Indu warns her not to try replacing her mom.

Kutumb and Munna discuss about transferring the property to a lawyer. lawyer suggest them to sell SN in an auction and divide the money amongst themselves. money equally and they agree. They are taking the body for cremation and Kutumb tells them to hurry up so that they can start the auction. Rishi stops her but Kutumb shouts on him that he can leave. Indu sides Rishi but Kutumb says tells her to leave along with Rishi and pushes her. Kutumb says that Indira has gone and tells Indu to leave with Rishi. Indur slaps her n says tells her not to say anything against Rishi.Kutumb becomes furious on Inder and curses Rishi. Zara comes and warns Kutumb not to say anything to Rishi (mera pati ). She turns to Rishi and tells him not to bother and that they will live in Mumbai with Indu. everyone leaves for cremation.

Later in the day Munna pleads to Kutumb not to their Rishi and Indu out of SN. Kutumb tells him to sit up.

Zara tells a truckdriver to take a sacked up Indira somewhere far away from Delhi and says that Rishi is all her’s now.

Next day Rishi comes down with Indu, Zara and Meher and bids a goodbye to Inder. Indur hugs him. Teary eyed Rishi tells him to take care of himself. He then tells Munna that he is leaving. Zara says that they are getting late. Seher comes and tells Indu not to leave. Indu feels helpless and says that she will have to leave and wishes for a miracle that would bring her mother back so that she would not have to leave. Zara takes Indu and sits in the taxi. Guruma comes and hugs Seher and tells her not to cry and that she can’t see her in tears. She realises what she said and leaves. Seher gets suspicious about it.

Truck driver sells Indira to some woman.Rishi reaches station and the lady says that Indira will be made to beg at the station. Rishi says something and Indira hears him. She then starts walking towards him.

Precap: Indira is approaching Rishi when he turns around and is shocked.

Update Credit to: saumya

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