Hitler Didi 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 4th February 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Vanraj asking the ambulance driver to drive fast to SN.Vanraj decides to read the reports but in the nick of time Zara appears in middle of the road and the ambulance stops.Vanraj shows her the reports and she gets angry as she ordered him that she’ll collect the report.She ordered Vanraj to leave as she wants to go with the dead body in the ambulance.She tells the driver also to bring water for her and she gets time to put unconscious Indira in the ambulance and she also changes the true report,saying now it will be a proof for Rishi lso that Indira is no more.
In SN Rishi is waiting for Indira and Vanraj arrives saying Zara is bringing the corpse.Indu arrives dress in white and rishi asks her why is dress so?She says Kutumbh makes the dress for her.Rishi

asks Kutumbh why she did so and she says her daughter is dead.She tells Rishi to wash his face and to bring some pain expressions as they are waiting for the lawyer.Meher says which type of people are they?
There’s not a bit pain on their face but instead they are waiting for the lawyer.
Indur says they always consider Indira as dead.rishi is in tears.

The ambulance with the dead body arrives and everybody goes outside.Zara reluctantly comes out with the report.Rishi wants to see Indira face but Zara stops him saying he’ll not be able to bear it as Indira face is extremely burnt.
Rishi is stubborn he wants to see her face but Zara is not letting she shows him the report.Rishi reads it and Indu asks if it is really the body of her mom?Rishi says yes and she begins to cry she put the barbie doll on the body.Kutumbh also cries Rishi tells her to stop all her drama.They take the body in SN and the barbie doll falls near the door.
Zara keeps looking in the ambulance as Indira wrapped in a white bedsheet keeps on moving.
Rishi begins to cry and Zara tries to console him while the ambulance begins to leave.Zara runs after it asking to stop to her surprise Indira is no more inside.
Indira is roaming in CC street and Rishi sees her he smiles but Indur tells him to control himself as Indira left them.

Indira is near a window of SN and sees Munna but as she tries to go near Zara catches her and tells her to stop being oversmart.Indira twists her hand at the back and pushes her in the tunnel and cover it.She’s happy and puts her hands on her waist with HD playing in the background(after such a long time).
zara slowly using the stairs enters SN where the a veneration for the peace of Indira is going on.Indira also sees her doll lying near SN picks it and enters slowly.Zara sees her as she’s approaching Indira,Meher asks her to sit near Rishi and console him.Kutumbh also tells Zara to ask Rishi to take Indira body away soon as her lawyer is coming.
Zara sits near Rishi but is continuously eyeing Indira who is drinking water.The visitors keep on coming and Kutumbh fakes to cry.Zara slowly gets near to Indira and grabs her by the arm dragging her outside SN.She meets with the lawyer and purposely drops Indira doll on the floor.Indira bent to pick it and the lawyer does not see Indira,as Zara takes Indira outside Indu sees Indira hand holding the doll she asks where’s her mom doll? Kutumbh tells the lawyer to transfer the new POA in her name.Rishi gives a disgusting look at Kutumbh whereas Indur is shocked.

PRECAP:Zara tells Indira she has supported her a lots now just see where she’ll send her in the meanwhile Indu comes to search for Indira.Zara sees her and mentions her name.Indira also tries to call Indu and she’s slowly approaching her and Zara knocke Indira head against the wall,Indira falls unconscious zara is shocked.

Update Credit to: KajAnj

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