Hitler Didi 3rd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 3rd July 2013 Written Episode,Hitler Didi 3rd July 2013 Written Update

Zara disconnects Rishi’s phone and while returning it to him, she drops it so it breaks. Ammu cancels the pooja and they all leave. Indira keeps trying to call Rishi, but now his phone doesn’t even ring. Indira doesn’t know what’s going on. Vanraj tells her, they might be busy in pooja, so try later.

In car Rishi sees Zara upset and tells her, it’s just phone, if it breaks, then we will get new, don’t be tensed. Zara decides to call Maher so she can get Indira’s news. As Rishi is with her, she talks indirectly which Maher doesn’t get it and she hangs up.

Indira and Saher are returning from the market. They see Maher on the road and make fun of her.

Rishi and Zara reach the home. Rishi goes to change, leaving his phone in the room. Zara quickly changes the SIM card.

Indira is still trying to call Rishi.

Inder begs Kutumb for forgiveness and she also forgives him. Indira asks Kutumb, what are you doing? I already explained you that he will never change. Kutumb says, whatever kind of person he is, but in end he’s my husband. You also forgave Rishi for his mistakes, so why can’t I forgive my husband. Maher is in the house while this conversation is going on. She says, even if he leaves me, he will find another woman for him because that is how he is. Indira says, then I will change my mother so next time, Inder Sharma doesn’t look at another woman. She asks Maher to leave.

Zara puts Rishi’s SIM card in her phone and sends message to Indira which says, don’t try to call me again, I don’t want to talk to you again. You proved that your house matter more than this house. Your house needs you and I don’t need you anymore. Indira gets surprised as she thinks Rishi sent the message. She again calls him and Zara picks it up this time.

Rishi returns to his room. Zara puts the call on hold and plays a game with him. She tells him, I will say a word and you will tell me whatever comes first in your mind. When Zara takes her own name, Rishi says, “hate”. Zara then puts the phone near Rishi and asks him what he just said. Rishi says, hate, I hate her. Indira listens this and thinks, Rishi is telling this to her. Zara then hangs up. Rishi and Zara hug.

Indira blames Ammu and Jamna for provoking Rishi against her. She doesn’t give up and decides to solve all problems between her and Rishi very soon.

In night, phone rings and Zara runs to pick it up, thinking it may be Indira’s. She picks it up and it’s from mental hospital where Ammu sent to Zara. They ask for Ammu, but Zara says she’s sleeping and asks them to tell her what the matter is and she will tell Ammu in the morning. They inform her that Zara never reached to their hospital, so it seems like she ran away again.

Zara thinks how to solve this problem. She sees her face in mirror, and then laughs as she comes up with an idea.

Precap: Indira calls Munna. Munna is drunk and doesn’t talk properly. Indira is confused what’s happening and decides to leave for Ammu’s house.

Update Credit to: Julia

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