Hitler Didi 31st May 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 31st May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 31st May 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Inder meets Taoji near his car and Inder tells him that he has seen him somewhere Taoji also think so. Munna and Vanraj are there, they are confused seeing the two looking alike, Munna says never mind at least Hitler Didi will go to her sasural home, he laughs. Vanraj as always starts flirting with Munna.

SN, Indira’s room
Indira is trying out a scarf, she says she is not used to wearing this and throws it, Rk enters the room and the scarf falls on him. Indira starts reprimanding him for his shortcuts that is trying to kill himself in order to get the insurance money to pay Her hospital bills, she is very angry. Rk tries to convince Indira by telling her she has to pay the 10 Lakh soon to his uncle. Or she can go to the Diwan Niwas and pay nothing, he starts

teasing her that the great hitler Didi is afraid of house chores and kitchen work. He continues to tease her that she can’t be a good bahu. Indira asks him what he thinks of himself by judging her like this, she tells him she can be a good bahu. Rk disagrees claiming that she can’t last a day as a bahu. Indira says she can and she will go to Jagotia Niwas. Rk says to himself that taoji will be happy hearing this.

Part 2
Jagotia Niwas (JN)
Taoji enters a dark room filled with pigeons. He heads to a bedding where he takes blessing from Amaji and informs her that their bahu is coming to their home.

Rk beats a tray using a rod. The Sharmas assemble down stairs. Rk tells them that Hitler Didi is going to her Sasural home. This shocks the whole family. Rk continues beating the tray and he tells the people outside that Indira is going to her Sasural home (through the window) This shocks the people.

Indira beings kheer for her maa and Bhai, she sweetly serves the duo. Kutumb tastes it and disgustingly spilled the kheer in her mouth. She starts cursing and reprimanding her for her decision going to her sasural. Indira is hurt 🙁

Part 3
Indira is disgusted by her mother, she is about to leave but she is stopped by Munna who supports her in going to her Sasural this makes Indira smile 🙂 little did she know Munna ask Indira to transfer the house in his name. This shocks Indira, Indira refuse this makes Munna angry and he reprimands and curse her. Indira is disgusted and leaves from there.

Indira ‘s Room
Indira is packing her belonging, Kutumb comes and sees Indira holding a beautiful gold set, she is about to put it in her bag but Kutumb comes and snatches it from her hand and says she is not going to take it with her, she begs her not to go but Indira ignores her. She takes a red saree from her cupboard and places it on her bag. Kutumb asks about Seher she removes the red saree from the bag and starts lnvestigating if there is something of value there. Indira takes a frame which has a picture of her, Rk and Indu. But before she puts it in the bag the greedy lady takes the frame and removes the picture, this makes Indira disgusted and angrily tells her to pack her bags and take anything she wants and leaves from there.

The poor girl sobbs she hears Indu crying, she wipes her tears and goes to console Indu, She tells her that she is scared, Indira also confesses she is also scared but they make a hitler oath of overcoming any hurdles which will come their way. The duo hug 🙂

Episode Ends

Some one is shown walkimg towards a room where Kutumb and Inder are talkimg. Inder is begging Kutumb to keep his secret. Kutumb agrees, she is shocked when she sees someone, Inder is also shocked, Indira is then shown

Update Credit to: AK

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