Hitler Didi 31st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 31st July 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 31st July 2013 Written Update

Rishi feels proud seeing Indira praising him. The couple thanks Indira for saving their marriage. After they leave, Indira looks at Rishi feeling too happy and tells him to come down from the sky (not feel too happy hearing good words about him from Indira). He is upstairs, Indira comes him to come down. Rishi is coming down and gets a call from Taoji who tells him that Munna told him everything that it was Zara’s plan and asks Rishi to come to Jhanjhar with everyone, including Indira’s parents, as Ammu wants to do god-bharai function of Indira and some function related to Sugandha. Rishi agrees. Rishi tells Indira about this and she gets emotional and looks at Hitler Ki Adaalat board.

Outside, a milkman is adding water in milk. Indu comes there with a lady and catches him. The milkman

lies that he was just cleaning the container. Indu says, then tomorrow I will also throw a rock on your head and will say there was a fly. The milkman annoyingly says, won’t do it again. She takes the lady’s money from the milkman and gives it to her. After they leave, the milkman says, good her mother is going to her husband house.. with her this girl will go too and we all will be free from Hitlers. Indu hears it.

Everyone is packing their bags to go to Ammu’s house.

Munna’s room – Munna tells Sugandha to give very emotional hug to Ammu and who knows she may do some property on their name.

Inder’s room – Munna comes and tells him not to take his 10 years old shirts. They are Ammu’s relatives now and she will give them everything. Kutumb agrees and they get ready with some empty bags.

Rishi’s room – Indu refuses to go saying she likes to stay in Chandni Chowk and what about their Hitler ki Adaalat. Rishi and Indira explain to her that Ammu’s house is their house as well and they are going for Chicku’s function. Indira says, I want my daughter. Rishi interrupts and says, our daughter. Indira continues, I want my daughter to study a lot and become a lawyer, so stay with us, study a lot, and make us proud. Indu agrees.

Everyone is ready to leave. Rishi tells Indira that they will have to stay here because Indira has an appointment with a doctor for the checkup and they will leave in morning. Indu says she will also go with them, but Rishi is in hurry to send everyone out.

Then there is a emotional-comedy scene of everyone leaving the house. Everyone looks back to their memories in the house saying this might be their last time in this house. Munna puts his hands in mud and leaves his fingerprints on the wall – which a bride usually does when she comes to her husband’s house. He looks at his dirty hands and says, now I understood why it is so difficult for girls to leave their house. Rishi rushes everyone to go out. As they leave, Indira says, all are dramebaaz in her house. Rishi locks the door after they leave and get romantic with Indira. He takes Shah Rukh Khan’s pose. Indira asks him why he is taking that pose. Rishi starts dancing with her. He tells Indira that he lied as he wanted to spend some time alone with her. He goes closer to her, but she pushes him back. She says, there is someone else here as well beside us, Chicku, and he is not happy seeing his dad’s behavior. Rishi says, then what will I have to do to make Chicku and his mother happy. Indira says, Chicku wants you to arrange a candle light dinner, and you will make all dishes by yourself, and then Chicku wants to eat ice cream after dinner. Indira runs and Rishi runs to catch her.

They are in kitchen now. Rishi is cooking and Indira is watching him. When he burns his finger. Indira kisses it. Rishi is done cooking now.

He has decorated the house and brings Indira there. They feed each other and Indira is impressed with Rishi’s cooking. Rishi offers her a bite and keeps taking his hand back. Indira then bites his finger as well. Indira then tells Rishi, this is our last night in this house, why not spend it where our journey was started? Rishi asks where? Indira points her finger to their room. Rishi carries her and brings her there. He puts her on the bed and is getting romantic. He praises her beauty and goes forward to kiss her, but Indira blocks. Indira then says, if it was Zara on my place, then she would have taken full advantage of this night. Rishi gets upset as Indira took Zara’s name. Indira says, I was just kidding. Rishi leaves the room. Indira follows him and says, I know how to make you happy. She gets romantic with him and this brings smile on Rishi’s face. They are about to kiss and this time even their noses touch, but it’s doorbell that disturbs them.

They go to check and all their family members have returned. They say that Indu got lost. Rishi and Indira get worried. Indu whistles and everyone gets attention to her. Indu is standing on the edge of the balcony. Indira.. Everyone asks her to come down, but Indu says, mummy, no threatening. First accept my conditions, and then I will come down. If you don’t accept them, then I will jump down. Everyone is worried.

Precap: Indu tells everyone, I know who your best friend is. She asks Vanraj to show a wreath of money. Everyone is surprised and happy seeing money. Indu says, whoever listens to me and who is best according to me will get that.

Update Credit to: Julia

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