Hitler Didi 30th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 30th July 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 30th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Episode starts with Indira telling the Sharmas and Taoji that the being breathing in her womb is not a Chandilla heir rather an inhuman person who took advantage of her helplessness. Taoji leaves, Indira spots a lamp and removes its glass and breaks and says that she will end its life. She is about to stab herself but Indu runs to her and hugs her pleading not to kill Chiku but Indira push her from her and says that no one is going to stop her. Kutumb calls her but she doesn’t stop. Thank God RK comes and stops Indira. She hugs her tightly and sobbs! Indira looks at him, RK asks her what was she trying to do, Indira tells him that she was trying to eliminate this obstacle in their relationship. RK informs her that this was Zara’s plot because she wanted to create problems in their

relationship. Indira and the Sharma ‘s especially Indu is relieved. Rk hugs Indira tightly, Indu joins to.

At night in the kitchen, Meher is putting some kheer in a bowl and she is relieved that she is going to eat a good meal at least. Vanraj enters SN and informs RK that Zara ran away from jail. He tells him to close the doors of the house because they couldn’t spot her. RK agrees. Meher sees a silhouette and assembles her sleeping mat and pretends that she was fast asleep. When she looks up she calls up Indira ‘s name but it is Zara, Zara tries to plot another plan but Meher backs out of it and she strangles her. Meher jerks her and sees the forehead mark and realizes it is Indira. RK comes and sweetly talks to a sobbing Indira asking her not to cry because of Zara. After all truth powers lies and wrongs! RK turns at Meher, she apologizes and she is forgiven by Indira but she is asked to leave the house. Rk threthens her with a spatula and she runs.

Part 2
Indira now bends to touch Rishi’s legs, but he stops her and carries Indira to their room Bol na halke halke plays in the BG. Indira feeds RK and he reciprocates. RK sleeps and Indira caresses his hair and forehead, she lays her head on RK and this makes him wakeup . He dries Indira ‘s tears and they hug

Part 3
Indira is all dressed up in her own Avatar. She is looking for RK on the bed but cannot trace him on the head side of the bed but she finds him on the leg side. She wakes him up in hitler way, Rk tries to tell Indira about his beautiful dream. Indira informs him he wasn’t dreaming cos it was TRUE. RK begins to flirt with her suddenly the door bell rings. Indira asks who could it be. She leaves after throwing a towel on RK ‘s face. RK sings and dances to.a number and scene shifts to the lounge where indira is explaining to a married couple that divorce is not the answer to their problem but trust is. She questions the man”s trust towards his better half. RK supports Indira, Indira proudly shows the man how he should be with his wife that is loving, trusting and respecting her cos she completes her.

Precap: Rishi and Indira are talking about how successful their relationship was. Indira tells Rishi today is their last day in their house and suggests why don’t they spend their last night where their journey was started. Rishi carries and takes her there..

Update Credit to: AK

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