Hitler Didi 2nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 2nd May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 2nd May 2013 Written Update

Indira thanks Munna for giving her idea of Hitler Ki Adaalat. First client comes and gives her case file to Indira. Indira tells her to go home without any tension as it’s her responsibility now to get justice to that lady. When lady gives her fee, Indira refuses. She says it was my dream to help poor people and now it’s coming true. I can’t take money.

Indira goes inside their house and sees everyone eating delicious food. Everyone is praising Indu that they never got to eat such tasty food when Indira was running this house. Everyone says that Indu is better than badi hitler aka Indira. Indira asks Indu from where she got money to buy all that food. Indu doesn’t respond at first. When Rishi comes there, Indu says it’s him who gave her money.

Indira then starts shouting at

Rishi and asks from where he got money. Rishi also argues and says, what do you think I am useless like your other family members? That I can’t earn money? From wherever I got money, why you care. Mehar whispers to Indira thinking she’s Munna’s wife. She says that it was her who gave money and poor Rishi is getting scolded by Indira. Indira asks Indu how she can take money from Mehar and slaps her. She starts scolding her. Mehar keeps interfering and Indira now gets furious at her. She’s about to slap her, but Inder comes in the way and by mistake Indira slaps her father. Both Mehar and Inder can see fine now. Inder takes Mehar’s side and says to Indira that she didn’t even remember that Indu is her daughter. When she can’t do anything, she starts beating everyone. She herself doesn’t earn anything and when someone helps, her ego doesn’t allow her to take any help. And now she gave house responsibility to poor 8 years old child. All these words of Inder hurt Indira a lot and she leaves. Rishi follows her.

Bheem tells Indu, your mum loves and cares about you a lot. She doesn’t want you to depend on anyone else. Indu says, you just came here and you’re already taking her side? Bheem says, your mum is a very good person.. and it’s strange that I understood her in 1 day and this family still hasn’t understood her.

Indira comes outside. Rishi also comes there. Rishi tries to make her agree to take money as fees from people who come to her with case. Indira refuses. Right then saas-bahu come with their cases against each other. Indira takes saas’ case while Rishi takes bahu’s case. Rishi takes money as fees, and Indira doesn’t take anything.

Rishi brings all the groceries and everyone is happily eating dinner while Indira is in her room alone. Rishi takes dinner to their room. He gives her rose and then invites Indira for dinner. Indira takes the rose, but then drinks water and goes to sleep. Rishi feels disappointed.

Precap: First case in Hitler Ki Adaalat. Rishi and Indira will be up against each other. They both wish each other best of luck.

Update Credit to: Julia

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