Hitler Didi 2nd July 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 2nd July 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 2nd July 2013 Written Update

Episode begins at the temple, Munna tells everyone that Jamuna wanted to bury Indira. Everyone is boggled, Jamuna and Zara arrive at the temple and Munna drags Jamuna at the center and start scolding her for trying to kill his sister . Everyone is shocked to see and hear this. Zara (who is pretending to be Indira) slaps him and reprimands Munna for falsely accusing Jamuna who rescued her she adds trying to shift your doings on her everyone is shocked! She reprimands him for trying to create rifts in her sasural. Munna tries to prove himself innocent but no one listens to him. Rk and Ammu scolds him and by this Munna takes his bicycle and leaves from there hurt and dejected.

They continue with the Pooja and the duo areasked their names Rk says Rishikeshwar Chandilla and Zara says at first Indira

Rishi Kumar then she adds Rishikeshwar Chandilla. Indu is suspicious of Indira.

Chandni Chock (CC)
Indira arrives at CC her phone isn’t working, she gives it to Vanraj! Kutumb can feel her daughter’s presense and wakes up and starts to search for her daughter. She struggles to walk, she calls Indira, which is in tears seeing her mother im.that miserable state she runs to her and hugs her. She apologizes for mistreating her and she is forgiven. Kutumb sees Indira ‘s necklace and says that has cost a fortune. Indira is happy and says this is my mother, she hugs her tightly! Seher and Indira tell each other the way they have missed each other. They hug. She is about to tell her about Meher but Indira tells her Vanraj has told her. Indira says they will fix her.

Kutumb, Seher, Vanraj and Radhe throws Mehers clothes on her after being told off by Kutumb! Meher tries to scold them for invading her house but Kutumb tells her this is Indira ‘s house. Indira comes and makes Inder slap Meher twice and finally throws them out of her house and also changes the address board.Inder tries to hold Mehers hand but she slaps him. Indira.calls someone.

SN and Temple
The prayer is still in session and Zara is happy she will be Rks after the last round of the Pooja. Indira calls RK phone, Zara sees this and manages to divert RK to the Pooja a bored Indu pass by the veil of fire and accidentally knocks a potted plant which extinguishes the fire, everyone is shocked and pandit says its bad luck. Zara pinches Indus ears and reprimands her for her mischievous nature. This makes everyone shocked and RK asks her to relax as Indu is young. Zara pretends she was only telling her daughter her mistake and she pats her head. Rk phones ring and he is shocked after seeing Indira calling who is by his side. He questions her she dials Rk number and tries to cover up claiming that it was by mistake, she cancels it but Rk again tells her she is still calling. Indira is very worried since RK is not responding to her calls. Zara takes the phone and disconnects it, this makes Indira shocked and Zara Smirks. Episode ends with Rk ‘s confused face.

Precap: Indira in her hitler avatar tries to call Rk but Zara cuts the call and says Rk is hers only and not indira’s she changes Rks line. She flirts with Rk and hugs him while Indira is really worried

Update Credit to: AK

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