Hitler Didi 29th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 29th May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 29th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Episode starts with the strange man (look alike of Inder Sharma) and Indira ‘s doctor, The doctor is trying to ask how he is related to the patient but the strange man doesn’t reveal his identify. Futher more he asks The doctor to tell the family that it was Rk who paid Indira’s hospital bills .

Rk is shown running to the hospital, he tries to request a lift from a speeding motorcycle but he is ignored by the motorist. He only has to run to reach his destination.

Outside the hospital and Road.
The doctor ask the strange man what will he tell if Rk asks, the man tells him a well wisher. Rk is shown running fast, The strange man laughs revealing his brown teeth. He gets into his car. Rk and the strange man’s car by pass. The doctor

is left their boggled. Rk arrives there telling the doctor that his daughter phoned and told him that his bill is cleared, he asks who cleared the bill the doctor doesn’t tell but an angry Rk demands to know. The doctor tells Rk that the well wisher just left right now.

Outside Indira’s ward
Indu comes and dances with Kutumb, Vanraj, Munna and the bar owner, Rk comes there and Indu hugs him and she tells them that Rk has already paid the money for Indira’s treatment. The three men carries Rk as they praise him. Vanraj starts flirting with Rk which makes him furious >:( and asks him not to misbehave with him. Munna pulls him and asks Rk to cool down. Kutumb isn’t happy at all(foolish woman)
Nurse comes out and Rk asks if he can meet Indira, the nurse lets him in.

Indira’s ward.
Rk enters and kisses Indira on her forehead and starts talking to Chiku requesting them to get well soon.

Part 2 and 3
Indira finally recovers and she is discharged since she is okay.

Meher and Inder motel room
Inder enters the room worried blubering that Indira is now okay and now he will be taken to jail. Meher manages to cool him down.

InShi arrives and they are stopped by Indu who tells them they can’t enter the house first. She sweetly performs the Aarti and puts the tikka on Indira ‘s forehead and her stomach. When she is about to go Indira stops her and puts a tikka on her and praises her for being mature of her age, looking after her at the hospital, she side looks Kutumb, Munna is happy. Vanraj comes and asks Indira if she can remember who did this to her. She says she can’t but the person was familiar, Kutumb is restless after hearing this. Rk tells Vanraj they will do that later and when they get the person who did this s/he will regret. InShi heads to their room and Indira rest on the bed. Rk wants to change his shirt but he is unable to wear. Indira notices this and goes to help. She teases him that he is so old yet he can’t put on a shirt. He is forced to sit. Indira asks him why he is worried, Rk refuses to tell. She then asks from where he got the money to pay her hospital bills, Rk tells her to rest first, since she has been discharged only now, she ignores him and tells him to tell her now. Hitlers Adalat bell Rings. A man introduces himself, her wife and mother.

Saas accuses her bahu for the sole reason of wanting to steal her son away from her. The son tries to explain to his mother that he has to stay with his wife at her mothers house cos he and she has to be united. The saas disagrees claiming that as per the indian culture bahu must live at her sasural house after marriage. The bahu explains to her saas that she cant abandon her family like that cos her mother is sick, she provides food, schooling for his brother. Indira tries to support the son and the bahu but the saas doesn’t agree with her. She finally gets back up when Inder look alike arrives and supports the saas. Screen freezes on Indiras shocked face!

Indira goes to Inder’s look alike and tells him, she will pay him his money Rk introduces him as his uncle. Rk uncle addresses Indira as bahu. Indira is surprised :!

Update Credit to: AK

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