Hitler Didi 29th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 29th July 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 29th July 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Indira paying a visit to Zara in jail.Zara tells Indira she was raped in the Delhi mental asylum.
Zara tells her when Indira sent her to the asylum she met with the rapist who thought Zara as Indira and wanted to take advantage of her, but she runed his bad intentions as she’s Zara. She’s above all Zara and does not have any stain in her character she’s so pure not like I(ndira. She asks Indira to leave Rishi for her as she will keep him all happy.
Indira holds her hair and tells her that Rishi belongs only to her and that also for every times they will reborn. A woman can everything except for her hubby.
Indira asks Zara who’s the culprit Zara tells her she’s the Hitler Didi of Chandni Chow so she can finds it herself. Zara tells

Indira to keep Rishi out of this secret…
as a man can accept everything except for his wife carrying someone else child.

She once again asks Indira to handle Rishi to her and everyone life will be perfectly set. Indira says she will not going to hide anything from Rishi it is the better way to find a solution for any problem Zara laughs and says no man will accept any such reality. Rishi arrives and asks Zara what was she telling to Indira. Zara tells Indira to tell the truth to her hubby herself. Indira is quiet and Rishi says he believes her more than anyone else he will not get swayed again in the plan of anyone it is enough now. He goes to kiss Indira making Zara jealous. Indira once again thinks she was raped and what Zara said… She runs away.
Zara tells Rishi laughingly that his HD runs away, Rishi holds Zara by her throat and threatens her to kill her for whatever he did. He asks her why was she laughing and what she was saying to Indira.
Indira arrives at home and Munna begins to sing as they have organise a baby shower ceremony for her(I’m not sure what was really going on) Kutumbh tells and show her all the gifts which arrived from her in law. Tauji says loudly that he brought everything and takes some money passes it on Indira head and throws it. Munna and Kutumbh begin to collect the money.

Indira asks Munna and Kutumbh at least to respect Tauji who’s feeling awkward seeing Kutumbh and Munna fighting for the money.
Kutumbh says now she can differ that Indira is standing in front of her as she gets angry.
Indira is a bit lost though Munna and Kutumbh return back the money.
Tauji gives Indira some token he brought and asks her to get ready for Jhanjar where her baby shower ceremony will be celebrated.
Kutumbh and Munna also want to go.
(Indira dream)Tauji asks where’s Rishi who comes and throws away the veil and token from Indira hands. Indira comes to reality after seeing that Rishi slaps her saying she’s not carrying Chandila heir.
Tauji asks Indira what’s going on wy is she lost she can tell him everything as he’s like a father to her. Indira lies her head on his chest and says that she’s raped and not carrying Chandila heir which shocked everyone.
Zara tells the same to Rishi in the jail and begins to touch him, he snatches the gun of a constable and asks Zara to say the truth.

Rishi tells Zara that he thought her to be Indira and loved her what was his fault. Vanraj comes to stop Rishi and Zara snatches the gun and she asks Vanraj to give her his gun though Rishi is saying no Vanraj handles her the gun and she asks the constable to open the jail and asks everyone to come inside. The constable closes the jail and Zara says bye to Rishi that she will meet him later and there’s no such jail that can keep her.
She also says sorry that she lied to Indira and he’s the father of the baby of Indira she did everything to build a bridge in their relationship. She’s sure that Indira will take such a step to ruin everything and will kill the baby.
Rishi is shocked and quiet while Zara runaway.

Indira breaks a bottle saying it is now time to kill the sin who’s breathing in her womb, She lifts the broken bottle to hit herself Indu closes her eyes.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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