Hitler Didi 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 28th May 2013 Written Update

Indira tries to see the face of the person who stabbed her, but fails to see the face of Inder. Inder is in shock. He runs away from there in fear, leaving Indira on down on the floor.

On the other side, Rishi asks Indu about the surprise as he cannot wait for long. Indu tries to hold him. She wonders where Indira is. She tells Rishi that someone is coming to meet him. Rishi asks who? And right then Indira is coming in. Indu asks Rishi to give a tight hug to Indira. Rishi goes towards her. Indira is struggling to walk. She smiles at him, and they hug. Indu jumps in joy. Rishi then sees blood. Indira falls down and Rishi catches her. Indu runs to them. Indira apologizes to Rishi for hurting him and calling him a loser. She says, our Chiku will come to this world and will grow up in our own

house. Us two and our two children will live as a happy family. She asks him to save their Chiku and herself. She says, I don’t want to die. I want to see my child and his childhood which destiny didn’t allow me during Indu’s time. He asks her who did this and Indira goes unconscious. He carries her and takes to the hospital. Munna also comes there. He asks Rishi what happened to Indira. Rishi hugs him.

Doctor informs Rishi that both mother and child are critical and they need to do an operation which will cost a lot. Rishi gives him 2 lakh rupees, but doctor says that’s not enough. You would need 8 to 10lakh more. Rishi promises doctor that he will pay him and asks him to start the surgery. He says to himself this time he won’t let destiny separate Indira and her child’s childhood. Munna asks Rishi from where he will arrange that much money. Rishi asks drama company’s boss how much his life insurance policy is worth. The boss says around 10 lakh. Munna asks him if he is going to do any silly thing or what.

Doctor brings Indira out to take her to the operation room. Rishi kisses her forehead and assures her nothing will happen to her or her child.

Inder is hiding the knife and feeling guilty. He goes and hide in their bathroom. Kutumb is leaving for the hospital and sees water flowing with the blood. She goes to the bathroom and finds Inder and a knife beside him. Inder confesses everything to her that Mehar told him it’s Neha in pink saree, but it came out to be Indira and how can he do this with his daughter. Kutumb is shocked. Inder begs her for forgiveness and asks her to save him this time as well.

Doctor comes out and asks for Rishi. He says they tried their best, but now they need to call specialist doctors, and they need money first in order to call them. Indu requests him to save Chiku and Indira. Doctor says, they are trying their best, and asks Indu to pray. Indu prays and asks God to save Indira and Chiku.

Rishi is making video of himself in which he says to Indira, by the time you see this video, I will be dead. While I am alive, I am not worth a penny, but after I die, life insurance policy will give 10 lakh rupees which are enough for your treatment. For me, your dreams matter more than my own, and I can’t see your dream, of becoming mother, breaking like this. He’s about to commit suicide, but gets a call from drama company boss who tells him, you didn’t sign on the insurance papers and without it they won’t give anything. After the call, Rishi says to himself, so I was just wasting my life? Good I got call on right time.

Rishi checks the policy papers for his signature and reads that you will only get money if you die from an accident. You won’t get anything if committed suicide. He changes his decision of committing suicide. He tries to remove the rope from his neck, and instead whole fan comes out and he falls down.

An elderly man is shown entering the hospital with a bag in his hand.

Rishi now goes to a suicide point to commit suicide, but some guys stop him.

The elderly man gives money to the doctor. Doctor asks him, who are you? Are you her relative? The man says, you got your money, don’t worry about from where and from whom it came. He tells doctor that nothing should happen to the child.

The guys tell Rishi that insurance companies don’t give money that easily. Right then, Rishi receives a call from Indu. Indu asks him, where did you go after depositing the money? You’re my true hero. Specialist doctor is doing the treatment and soon Indira Rishi Kumar and Chiku both will be fine. Rishi is surprised as he never deposited the money.

Precap: The elderly man tells doctor that no one should find out that he gave money. Everyone should think it was Rishi who gave money. Doctor nods his head….

Update Credit to: julia

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