Hitler Didi 28th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 28th February 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 28th February 2013 Written Update

Rishi plays the host to Kabir and Babli and says that they are more than welcome to stay in the Barsaati. Comes down to the courtyard and sits beside a sleeping Indira and wishes that she gets better soon. Kabir starts singing Husna. Rishi follows the melodius voice up to the barsaati and learns that Kabir indeed is Saheb. Rishi leaves, gets drunk, then a short monologue. In the meantime, Babli is looking at the pics she clicked at the circus and realizes that the girl on the rotating board (i.e Indira) has something wirtten on her hand and mentions this to Saheb who goes into flashback mode and remembers that the lady at the mental asylum had mentioned his husna also having a tatoo on her hand. So now its confirmed in his head that the girl at the circus was his husna and he goes out to look for her. On the way, he runs into Rishi. Rishi defiantly states that he will no longer let other people walk all over him and will not be mahaan by any means Then he calls the police (played by the ever competent Vanraj). Next morning: Vanraj arrests Kabir and Babli for illegal entry into India and are taking them away. Indira who is playing outside sees Kabir’s musical instrument and calls out Saheb. Kabir sees Husna from the police van and jumps out. Then filmy style running towards each other. Then Indira collapses and is carried back to SN by Kabir. Indira finally wakes up and is cured. She remembers Kabir and Babli but has forgotten everone else.

Precap :
Kabir: I will shout Husna’s name from the rooftops
Rishi: Heck you won’t, she’s my shreematiji
Kabir: meri husna
Rishi: nahi meri shreematiji

Update Credit to: Walden

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