Hitler Didi 26th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 26th July 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 26th July 2013 Written Update

Zara says once her and Rishi die, both will be in different world together. She kisses Rishi’s forehead and is about to kill him first, but she doesn’t want to become widow, so decides to kill herself first. She points the pistol at her and is about to shoot herself, but then realizes if she dies first, then who will kill Rishi? She says sorry to Rishi and says you will have to go first. I will come after you. Rishi is starting to gain consciousness. She points the pistol at him and pulls the trigger. Indira comes on last moment and saves Rishi. The bullet gets fired in the air. Both are fighting to get the piston in their hand. Zara ends up getting it. She points it at Indira and says she will have to die as well. Indira tells her that she will go away from Rishi’s life and requests her

not to kill Rishi. Rishi asks Zara to put the pistol down, but she doesn’t. Rishi cannot do anything as he is tied up. Vanraj comes with two lady police and arrest her.

Indira releases Rishi and they hug. Zara doesn’t like seeing the two hugging each other. Rishi says to Zara, I got saved from your bad intentions once again because of Indira’s true love with me. True love passes all the tests that it faces. Zara laugh and says, Indira’s real test will start now. She is pregnant since 4 and half months, and she returned to Rishi 3 months ago which means it’s not Rishi’s child. Rishi and Indira think it’s just nonsense and she is trying to create problem in their lives before leaving. Police take Zara. Indira is still remembering Zara’s words and quietly leaves from there. Rishi turns and doesn’t find her there.

Indira is on the road, still saying herself that Zara is lying and she can prove it in a minute. She comes to a clinic to prove Zara wrong, but the doctor informs her that she is pregnant since 4 and half months. Indira is completely shocked and cannot believe it. She asks for the date when this happened. The doctor says, I don’t know exact date, but gives her estimated date.

Rishi returns home and finds house decorated. Taoji is there with gifts that Ammu sent here. He tells him, I heard Zara has finally gone from your life and now there is no danger for you. Come back to Jwala Niwas, Ammu’s house. Ammu and we all are waiting for your child to born. There is a challenge between me and Ammu. I said Tarkeshwar (rishi’s child) will be like you and Ammu said he will be like Indira. Taoji doesn’t see Indira there and asks about her. Right then Rishi receives a call from Indira’s number. It’s the clinic nurse. She tells Rishi that Indira came for the checkup and forgot her phone. Rishi asks if Indira said anything where she is going. Nurse says, no.. but she was very upset and kept asking when she got pregnant.

Zara gets 14 years in jail from the court. She is in the jail and is waiting for Indira. Indira comes. Zara says, so you did all the tests and doctor proved me right, right? Indira grabs her hair and asks how she knew about this. Zara says leave my hair, then I will say. Indira leaves her hair. Zara then says, day when you were transferred to Delhi mental hospital, someone took your advantage. Indira gets lost in thoughts. Zara says, your doubt is true. You were raped. But who did it.. that you will have to find it. You’re hitler didi and fight for others, right? So now find out who did this with you.

Epi ends. Didn’t see any precap.

Update Credit to: Julia

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