Hitler Didi 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 26th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with a manager of a circus company asking his troop to board the bus to Delhi is ready to leave. Kabir hears it and tells Rishi that he’ll see the picture next time but for now, he has to leave. Kabir gives the Pakistani Rupee to the manager to take him and Babli along but the conductor rejects. Rishi convinces the manager telling him that Kabir is very well versed at using knives and pays for them. In the process his passport falls on the stairs of the bus. He then leaves with Indu.

Indira is walking in lanes of CC, Munna is following her and asking her what job she wants to take up. He suggests that she can be a priestess because everyone is equal in eyes of God. Indira spots a few beggars and points out to them. Munna suggests that she should be a beggar and spoils

her clothes with dirt . Indira slaps him. Munna says that she has gone mad but Hitlergiri has still not gotten over. Munna says that he has not even had drinks and can’t think of anything. A tea stall vendor suggests him to take her to circus for work. Rishi is trying to convince someone to cross the border but he denies saying that he has already created a mess at the border. Just then Noor calls and on Rishi’s questioning about who is Noor, she tells him that Saheb was a terrorist and is dead now and he should not try to contact them anymore. She disconnects the call and Rishi tells this to Indu who expresses her concern over the issue.

Munna then hands Indira over to a man in circus and congratulates Indira that she has started taking care of the family again. He tells the man to take care of Indira. Indira with a painted face is taken and tied and its announced that Kabir would throw knives at her blindfolded. kabir does not want to hurt anyone but has to do it for Husna. The board Indira is tied to is a rotating one and Kabir is getiing emotional about throwing the knife (delivers a long boring lecture too)

Munna comes and tells Kabir that he will take his sister after an hour.Kabir lectures him on how could he use his sister that way. Munna tells him not to lecture him and says that he is a coward. Everyone in the crowd shouts that Kabir is a coward. Kabir throws the knife successfully. He keeps lecturing everyone but still throws the knives.

At SN, everyone is worried and Kutumb says what will they tell Rishi when he comes back and that’s when Rishi comes back and asks for his shrimatiji. Everyone is speechless.

Precap: Kabir is throwing the knife and a few kids push him distracting his shot.

Update Credit to: saumya

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