Hitler Didi 25th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 25th July 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 25th July 2013 Written Update

Indira tells Rishi they should continue their drama until they get rid off Zara completely because she is very smart. Zara comes down and Indira puts glasses, fake teeth on. Zara also acts as if she didn’t hear anything. She scolds Indira for coming near Rishi when she said not to and then takes Rishi to his room. She dries his hair and gives him medicine. Rishi gets unconscious after taking it as it was sleeping pill. Zara then calls police informing them that Zara is in Sharma Niwas.

Police come to Sharma Niwas saying they got information that Zara is in this house. Zara acts as if she doesn’t know anything. To make police believe she says I will introduce everyone to you. When it comes to Indira, she says, she just came 2 days ago. I don’t know much. My mother in law sent her for

work. Police go to her and take off her glasses, fake teeth. Zara acts as surprised and shocked that she let Zara stay in the house. Indira, Munna, Rishi tell police that she is lying, but police say if she was Zara, then why she was living as daughter of this house and why were you staying like this? Zara asks police to arrest her. Police arrest her and take her with them. Indu calls Rishi, but Zara tells her he won’t listen to you because he’s having a deep sleep. Zara goes outside to say good bye to Indira.

Zara comes to the room and gets Rishi ready in groom’s dress. She also gets ready as a bride and takes their photographs and then says,’made for each other’. She calls Indira. Indira tells her Rishi can never be yours in this life. Zara says, but he will be mine in next lives. Indira is not sure what are her intentions. She asks police to let her go, but they don’t.

They lock Indira in a lockup. Munna and Indu come there with Vanraj. Vanraj asks them to release her, but they don’t listen. In end, they lock police inside and leave for Sharma Niwas. In the jeep, Indira tells everyone Zara’s intentions are not good. Indu says when police were taking you, she told me Rishi Kumar is having a deep sleep. Indira gets worried and calls Kutumb. While she is talking, Zara goes out with Rishi. Indira asks Kutumb for Rishi. Kutumb doesn’t give useful answer and says he would in his room, I don’t know.

Zara puts Rishi in a jeep and takes him somewhere.

Indira, Indu, Munna, Vanraj come to his room and find whole decorated with Rishi and Zara’s photographs. Vanraj finds sleeping pill bottle there. Indira calls Zara and says, I will do whatever you say.. I will come there and beg you, but please don’t do anything to Rishi. Zara laughs off and disconnects. Zara tells unconscious Rishi, I loved you so much, but that stupid Indira keep coming between us. And you too can’t forget her. But now you will forget all memories. She takes out pistol and points at him. When Indira called Zara, Vanraj tracked down where Zara is. Munna and Indu also want to go, but Indira tells Munna to stay home and take care of Indu. Munna and Vanraj leave.

Precap: Zara laughs and says, if I kill myself first, then who will kill you? So first you will have to die. She points pistol at him again.

Update Credit to: Julia

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