Hitler Didi 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 25th January 2013 Written Update

Inder says that he has a doubt that Zara has kidnapped Indira. Zara brushes him off and says that its all non sense. Rishi questions Zara about her presence there. zara says she was following the shadow. Guruma questions on her being a cop. Zara says that she is sure that its their plan because Indira is the owner of sharma nivas. Zara spots marks (due to some rope) on kutumb’s hand and questions her about it. Kutumb objects and tells Rishi not to suspect her. Rishi shouts and asks everyone to stop and leave. Indu teary eyed apologises to Rishi. Rishi tells her not to cry and tells her something (muted)

guruma packs her bags and starts leaving but indu his her using slingshot and tells her that she can’t leave before the police arrives. kutumb , savita and munna pack their bags , Savita hides something and kutumb asks her about it. Munna and Savita ask her about where she was. Inder tells them not to leave and tells them that police is coming for investigation. Munna is worried that finger prints would get him in trouble. Savita decides to remove the finger prints. Zara checks the room. Rishi comes in there and demands for the truth to which Zara says that even though she had grown selfish but she isn’t behind all this. Indu calls Rishi and Rishi leaves.

police comes and tells vanraj to search SN for proofs. Zara says that she is inspector Zara Rishi Kumar and blames sharmas for it. Kutumb gets back at her and says blames Zara for it because it was Zara who threatened to do so. The police officer tells them to stop and tells them that he will investigate himself. During investigation Munna tells him that he was with his wife, guruma goes to guruma tells him to receive the call. ACP tells the officer to keep guruma out of this mess . Then he goes upstairs with Rishi. precap scene till haldi part n. Inspector asks the fellow police men to search the room for clues. after a while he shows Rishi a pair of shore and asks about it. Rishi comes downstairs and asks Zara about it. they hold Zara responsible. Rishi catches her neck and asks about Indira. Zara is shocked with the recent turn of events. Policemen free Zara from Rishi’s grip.

That’s the end of episode.

precap: Inder finds a paper which tells them to get the property papers of sharma nivas to get Indira free. He shows it to Rishi.

Update Credit to: saumya

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