Hitler Didi 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 25th February 2013 Written Update

Rishi with the knife is asing Kabir how he knows Husna?Babli and indu ask him to leave Kabir.The latter says everyone is aware of Husna as Husna is to be adored,loved,remembered she’s one with whom one’s dream of living life.Kabir asks Rishi if he has a Husna?Rishi goes into flashback…
Kabir snatches the knife and threatens Rishi leaving his neck he laughs and says he was just kidding.
Kabir asks rishi what he was doing to the other pat of the border along with Indu?The latter answers they went in search of saheb.Rishi asks if he knows Saheb he says Yes he’s Saheb.Rishi and Indu are both shocked.
Kabir says in Pakistan the person whom you give respect is called Saheb. Kabir says so both of them are ready to win their husna…Rishi thinks Indira belong only to him

and he’s searching for Saheb to help Indira in Memory regain.

Munna is searching everywhere and Sunaina asks him what is he searching for?He says his bottle he searches for it in his shoes Kutumbh comes and asks Munna to buy her inhaler Munna says he has no money.
Kutumbh and Sunaina both complain to be short of ration and there’s no money left and Rishi also is out.
Sunaina slowly going to take a piece of bread from Indira plate…Ishan stops her and says her off that she’s not a good mother nor human being as she lives for herself this hurts Sunaina and brings tears to her eyes.
Munna tells Ishan to stop it and to say sorry to his mom.Ishan refuses and tells Munna that he’s at home as they did pay the fee and he’s also not a good father.
Munna ego is hurt so he decides to prove himself by saying he’ll help Indira to recover and everyone will see it.Indira will once again be able to work and feed them…

Indu is talking about the circus and says she’ll go to see the circus…Kabir is drunk and is getting both emotional and doing some poetryRishi says it must be the liquor which is affecting him.Kabir says now it is unable for him in not successing to find Husna.Rishi asks Kabir howcome Husna is in India?Kabir says he does not knowas she was seen in Delhi.Rishi says that delhi city is so big…Kabir promises to find her whatever…
Kabir asks Rishi about his Husna/Indiraand he says Indira dwell in his heart she only has a little connection with Pakistan Rishi once again goes in flashback mode.
Rishi is writting some poem and reading it aloud and Kabir says on finding his Husna he’ll learn how to love from him…and Kabir goes into flashback mode.

Kabir is describbing his Husna while Rishi is drawing Indira.Kabir wants to see the picture as he takes it from Rishi hand the server coming with a plate full of food bumps and the food along with the plate fall on the picture and Kabir is not able to see it,he says sorry to Rishi who says not to be sorry as he has Indira picture.He stands and takes out his wallet from his pocket to show Kabir Indira picture.

In the circus place Munna sells Indira to someone and leaves while she’s trying to call him when the man is dragging her away.
In SN Kutumbh sunaina and Vanraj are all worry what will they say to Rishi when he enters with Indu asking about his shrimatiji whereabout everyone gets a shock.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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