Hitler Didi 23rd May 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 23rd May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 23rd May 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Episode starts with Papi forcing Indu to behave properly with her mother. In fact she treathens her if she won’t ask for forgiveness from Indira, she will do something unforgettable to her. She adds that her mother has taken care of the house like all her life. And her family to who are free loaders. Kutumb tries to argue with Papi but she doesn’t let her speak. She tells her to go to the kitchen. Indira is impressed. Now Indu is told by Papi to go and give her maa a hug. AT first she hesitate but after being told off again, she goes and hugs Indira (Beautiful Scene) Indira is on the seven heaven. She is extremely happy Indu apologizes but she calls Indira by her name. Papi wants her to call Indira, maa and not IS. Indira says she is comfortable with that as long as they

are in good terms.

She thanks Papi as she hugs Indu back. A woman comes to ask if this is the exact location of where Indira lives. Papi asks the woman to leave. Indira ask who told you I am not still adopting. She says since the previous couple was unsuitable I was the next candidate. So I will adopt Chiku. Indu is furious hearing this. Seems Indira agreed. Papi brings a glass of milk for Indira. She hesitate to drink but she eventually drinks.

Part 2
Indu enters Indira’s room with a plastic tin, she takes Papi’s thambi and puts live antß on it. She says that no one messes with Indu cos she won’t let her take Chiku. Papi wears the thambi and takes food to Indira who is busy in hitlers adalat. She chases everyone away and tells them to come later as for now Indira has to eat. Indira is happy because of Papi’s comical nature. She takes Indira who sits on a chair, Papi is uncomfortable shouting Oh My God. She rans to remove her trousers. Indira laughs at her. Indu comes and feeds Indira. The woman is super happy. Indu tells her she will be feeding her if she doesn’t give Chiku away. Scene shifts to Indira who wants to climb the stairs. Papi comes and carries her Up. The duo, enjoys each others company. Cos Indira laughed in this part a lot.

Part 3
Papi, Indu and Indira are at the hospital. Doctor says that the baby is in good condition. Indira tells the doctor she had tumor. She asks if it will affect her baby. Doctor says no. The trio are happy.

Papi is shown with the bar owner. Telling her she did a great show. Papi leaves and bar owner hits her, she enters the house and he meets Kutumb who also hits her. She ridicules her and ask her to go to the kitchen. She goes upstairs and complains to Indira that from the temple everyone she comes across hits her. She turns and Indira sees a paper which is labeled “HIT ME” and hits her, Papi complains that also her bhabhi hit her. She shows Papi the paper. She tears the paper. Indira asks her to sit neat her. She gives her a silvery coin. Papi is happy. All of a sudden, Indira becomes sad, Papi asks whats wrong, she tells her everyone thinks that she can’t be a good mother … she says Chiku completed their family of her, RK and indu. She tells her, she can forgive Rk for the money issue but not for the issue of molesting Neha. She cries as Papi tries her utmost best, Indira finally falls asleep. Papi says to herself in Rk voice that he has to EXPOSE INDER SHARMA.

Episode ends on Papi’s determined face.

Pre Cap
Inder is holding Papi. He is telling her about Neha and Rk story. Papi makes a strange voice which makes Indira who was passing by close investigate, Indira looks at the direction where Inder-Papi are and is SHOCKED.

Update Credit to: AK

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