Hitler Didi 22nd May 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 22nd May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 22nd May 2013 Written Update

Episode starts at SN in Indira’s room.
Papi enters the room, she sees Indira struggling to close her blouse. She offers her assistance but she is turned down by Indira. Papi insists by demanding. Indira looks at her in her hitler Avatar. Papi then says that she is here she can help. Finally she gives in, Papi helps. Inder asks her to sleep on the floor, Papi says she is afraid to sleep alone moreover she lays on her lap and tells her that they are only going to sleep like this. Indira tells her to go and change her clothes. Papi gives an awkward reason. Indira gets nausea and goes to vomit. Papi helps her lay on bed and gives her water. She questions her as to y she wants to give her baby to that couple and she will go through pain when she gives birth. She then request her to give her the

baby. Indira sarcastically says she will give her. Her other baby. Indira says okay and tells her to sleep and she sleeps. RK says how can I sleep when my own child is on verge of being adopted. Indu tries to call Rk but he hungs up. Indu is worried as she looks outside she sees children playing with firewaks. Indu says I have an idea.

Papi wakes up. She is stunned to see the tennis ball that she is used as her FALSE br*ast is on Indira’s hand. She takes it and goes to change. She goes to the bathroom. Inder comes there and start flirting with Papi. She slaps him leaving Inder shocked. It is shown its just a farse. Inder is still flirting with her. She calls him naughty and she leaves. Indu , Seher and Bhim are shown making a plan. The couple arrive and they ask for Indira. Papi starts ridiculing the couple and Indira gets there but before she talks the kids starts playing with fire waks there. Indu plays with it and it accidentally falls into a paper bag filled with boxes of fire waks. The man runs away pushing Indu on the chair. Papi and Indira are stunned seeing this. Papi runs to her rescue and helps her. Indira takes Indu and checks her leg. Papi manages to extinguish the fire. Indu leg is burnt but she doesn’t let Indira help her. Papi commands Kutumb and Meher to to go and bring cold water and sponch and cream.
Papi helps treat Indu s wounds. Indu stops Papi from smearing the cream on her leg but she lies that their is something on roof. Indu tries to locate it . Papi applies the cream and finally tells Indu she has finished. Everyone is happy. The couple comes back and asks Indira to sign the documents. They are ridiculed by Papi for their previous action. How the man pushed Indu and ran off. Indira asks them to leave to the extent of removing her slippers. The couple leaves and Papi and the kids celebrates.
Episode ends

Update Credit to: AK

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