Hitler Didi 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 22nd January 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Rishi saying everybody off that they may leave if they are disturb with Indira as she’s the owner of SN.Kutumbh is not happy Rishi says this is the truth and to get habbit of it as Indira is the owner and will always be.
Sunaina hears Rishi convo and calls someone saying they took the right path and he’ll get his money soon,she keeps gazing at an unconscious Indira with an evil smile.
Rishi asks Indira to get up as she needs to be very strong and fight back.Indira gets up and on seeing Sunaina she’s very afraid she begins to run away from Sunaina who’s slowly approaching her and she trips on Seher who falls down calling Mummy!!! Sunaina helps Seher to get up and is angry on Indira saying Indira must be having an evil on her.Rishi tells Sunaina to shut up.

Sunaina threatens Indira and says everyone will keeps on looking what she’ll do to her,savita agrees.Indira is scare and Rishi tells Sunaina to get out.Kutumbh steps in between Rishi and Sunaina and asks Rishi who’s he to decide he has no more power he’s not related to them after transfering the house into Indira name’s Indira is the owner she was and she’s their daughter.She tells a shock Rishi that he’s only the hubby of Zara she applauds Zara for having such a big hearted husband.Rishi says that she has forgotten that Indu is his daughter and he’s still related to the Sharma’s through her and he has promised Indu that he will cure Indira for her.Savita says if so why doesn’t he accept the suggestion of the doctor…

Zara is not ready for it and tells Rishi to say something.Zara says this is impossible,she keeps saying to Rishi to talk.
Kutumbh tells Rishi to leave and let them handle Indira on their own.Kutumbh tells Sunaina to come forward while dragging away Indira with her.Indira keeps on calling Ishii…Ishii.Rishi keeps looking at Kutumbh and says to leave Indira he can go to any extent to cure Indira he’s ready to mate with her…Zara is shocked he takes away Indira with him.
Indu asks Indur to accompany her and asks Sunaina to leave.
sunaina begins with the veneration and suggests a solution to be done for four days.Sunaina trips and Munna holds her.

Indu Seher and Indur are in the market and Indu asks Indur what is needed for her mom to get well Indur looks everywhere and says flowers.Indu says sorry to Seher as Indira pushed her and she fell down hurting her forehead.Seher says she also wants Indira to get well and says when Gurumaa touches her she got some weird feelings Indu says to stay away from Gurumaa as she knows black magic.Indur takes lots of flowers and says Indira will surely gets cured now.
Kutumbh says how will Rishi cures Indira as Zara will never lets him go near her,Savita says a woman can never shares her husband with someone else.Munna praises Kutumbh,and says that after Rishi cures Indira they will mould her as they want.Kutumbh asks Munna if he’s mad as their house costs 20 crores(Initially it was said that SN costs only 5 Crores)and if Indira gets well she’ll put them at the door she does not want her to get wekll.Munna says for that Indira needs to die thus they will get the money.Savita praises hubby Munna for his bright idea and says Indira can dies as she’s mad.Savita and kutumbh both make plan to get rid of Indira,Munna says to Savita to get this idea out of her mind as she’ll be known as lady criminal.Munna leaves.

PRECAP:Savita and Kutumbh make their plan and Savita says if Rishi and Indira consumate their plan will get ruin they need to do something like that which no one can expect.Someone is eavesdropping their convo near the door.

Update Credit to: KajAnj

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