Hitler Didi 21st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 21st May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 21st May 2013 Written Update

-Indira again saved Anarkali from getting hit by a speeding car.
-She decides to take her to SN so that she wont try to kill herself again.
-Munna is shown dancing romantically with Anarkali but he is taken aback when he is bitten by Vanraj on his finger. Vanraj starts flirting with him and questions him as to why he is romantic. He tells Vanraj that he was thinking of Sunaina but Vanraj disagrees stating that he has never seen him like that. Munna leaves.
– Rk in Anarkali Avatar is with Indira in a rickshaw. Rk is annoying Indira by her talks and by her acts of hugging and kissing her(on the cheeks) She asks her to behave herself. There is a group of people on the road. This forces the rickshaw to stop. Rk alights and makes the men mesmerized by her beauty. They start dancing

but they are interrupted by Indira. She drags her to the rickshaw and commands her to enter the rickshaw.
– Rk tells his name is Pappi
– The best couple who were selected by Indira for adoption case are here with some documents for Indira to verify. Indu tells them that Indira has changed her mind about adopting her baby. The man is angry hearing this. As Indu is showing them out Indira and pappi enters carrying a heavy bag. The couple confront Indira about changing her mind without informing them. Indira asks for the documents that she has to verify. The man gives a file to her she starts to read but Papi is trying hard to read but she is shushed by Indira. Indira asks the duo to come tomorrow and sign the adoption papers. They leave.
– Indira tries to give Papi directions of her room. She tells her exact location. Indira asks her how she knows. She tells she knows cos Indira is the bread winner of the house. She asks how did she know she is the bread winner. She manage to convince her.
– Indu is sad but Papi tries to cheer her up. Indu goes away from there.
– Inder starts flirting with Papi. She gets an idea of how she will expose him.
– Indira comes with blanket and pillows for Papi. She introduces Papi as her guest.
– Papi ridicules Kutumb and maher.
– Indira asks her to go to her room. She lifts her bag pretending its heavy. She knocks meher down and ridicule her.
– Munna question who she is?
– Indira is struggling to fix her top, Papi comes to her and offers her assistance. Indira says she will manage. She demands. Indira looks at her and episode ends.

Update Credit to: AK

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