Hitler Didi 21st January 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 21st January 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 21st January 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Munna is enquiring with the man of Gurumata he slaps Munna when he says that Gurumata seems to be very familiar and his own.The man says Gurumata belongs to everyone.Savita says they need Gurumata helps to cure a mad person.Kutumbh adds Indira spells magic on almost everyone and mainly her grandchild.The procession of Gurumata is directing towards SN and Indu who’s standing at the door sees the people praising Gurumata hurts her with her slingshot.Sunaina says stop who’s this girl and Savita says a nuisance.Savita tells Indu that Gurumata is here to cure her mom Indu is happy and hugs Sunaina.She says sorry to GM(gurumata) and tells her she’s born for helping all the person in difficulty.Kutumbh asks Indu to behave well.Sunaina enters SN and she’s a bit hesitant she looks everywhere,Indur asks Sunaina to cure him so that he can marry Meher and mate with her that’s what the doc suggested.This irks Kutumbh who says the doc suggested this to Rishi.
Sunaina does magic and a laddoo appears, Seher is eating laddoo,and Sunaina sees her she becomes emotional and Munna says this is his daughter Seher and asks her to greet the gurumata but she leaves and Savita says she’s likes her fatty mom and keeps on eating.Sunaina tells Savita to shut up and says Savita is the bad omen she’s the mad Munnna says Savita is fine.

LW sees Gurumata and have flashback of sunaina Indira hugs She removes her goggles and Sunaina is shocked on seeing indira state.She takes the goggle from Indira and wears it again.
Sunaina is shocked on seeing Zara and kutumbh tells her that she prefers Zara much more than Indira and she must try to search a solution for Indira.Sunaina’s girl says that gurumata must be tired she’ll do the veneration after.
Zara opposes as gurumata will not be able to cure Indira.Kutumbh and Meher ask Zara to remain quiet if she wants her own happiness.

Indu calls Rishi and tells her about Gurumata presence in Sn for curing Indira.The veneration begins and Indira is afraid of fire .
Indu keeps on praying for Indira good health,Indira tries to call Rishi.
Indu and Zara all worried run to help Indira but Savita stops them while Kutumbh and Munna are holding Indu.Zara asks what’s going on and Savita says whatever is being is only in her favour,and Meher adds that Indira will be completely mad or will be cured if she continues to be in her life ,her married life with Rishi will never begin as Indira is like a bad omen in her life.Zara keeps on saying that’s not right,Rishi arrives and tells them to stop .He holds an unconscious Indira and asks zAra he never expected this from her that she’ll keep on watching.
He carries her in an another room and tells her to get up.Kutumbh tells Rishi to let the gurumata cures her whatever is being done is for the best of Indira he really gets mad at her and tells Kutumbh and everyone present to stop torturing Indira as she’s innocent and if they want to stay in SN they’ll have care for Indira as she’s the owner of SN otherwise they may leave.Everyone is shock.
Savita suggest that for helping out Indira they must follow what the Doctor suggested.

PRECAP:Rishi says he’ll do whatever needed he’s also ready to copulate with Indira,this comes as shoccking news for Zara.
Sunaina is on the phone saying that the situation has cleared her path.

Update Credit to: KajAnj

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