Hitler Didi 1st May 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 1st May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 1st May 2013 Written Update

Munna, his father go to gas supplier’s office being official people. They do investigation and gas suppliers get scared.

At court, Rishi asks gas suppliers’ owner to call his office. He gets news official people are there and he also gets scared. Instead fighting case for poor people, Rishi gives a deal of money. Owner agrees. Indira finds something wrong seeing change in owner’s behavior. But as poor people also prefer money over justice, Indira says as you wish.

Bheem’s mother commits suicide. He comes to indira with a letter in which Bheem’s mother asks Indira to take care of him. Indira takes him to their house and commits that she will take care of him and make him a successful person.

When Rishi is bringing money to their house, Munna traps him in his plan.

Poor people are waiting to get their money at Indira’s house. Indira tells them Rishi will be here soon. Rishi, Munna come without any money.

Munna lies to them that father of gas supplier’s owner died and that’s why they didn’t ask for money. Now they will go after 15 days when all rituals are done. Indira again finds something fishy. Poor people leave.

Rishi is angry at Munna and asks him from where they will get money in 15 days. Munna shows him board which he put outside their house which says “Hitler Ki Adaalat – Bring money and get justice”. He says Indira earned good reputation for what she done in last few days so why not use that to earn money.

Indira comes out and sees the board. She erases “Bring Money” so board now says “Hitler Ki Adaalat – Get Justice”.

Precap shows everyone eating delicious food. Indira asks Indu from where she got money to buy it.

Update Credit to: dtb

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