Hitler Didi 1st July 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 1st July 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 1st July 2013 Written Update

Nanda gives jewelries and money to Indira to bring to the pooja. Munna sees and thinks Indira stole that from the trunk. Rishi and family leave for the pooja. Indu is dressed up exactly like Ammu, and in her absence, she imitates Ammu. Rishi sees future Ammu in her and everyone enjoys her mimicry. Soon Ammu joins then, and Indu runs to Rishi. Ammu is also somewhat proud of Indu seeing her dressed up like her.

Jamna tells Zara to go and she will kill Indira here. Zara is leaving, but Munna comes in her way. He says, I know your trunk secret and Zara gets worried. She asks, what secret? Munna says, that you stole money and jewelries. Zara says, I will give you half, but make sure you don’t tell about this to anyone, not even me, because someone may hear it. Munna agrees. Zara tells him, I have to go for the pooja now. She is leaving and sees Vanraj now.

Jamna adds poison in the milk and takes it to Indira. However, it’s Zara who is in the room, not Indira, but Jamna doesn’t know this. Jamna sees a letter in her hand and forcefully makes her drink poisoned milk. She then takes her outside to dig up her alive. There she reads the letter which is written by Indira saying she is going to her mother as she’s sick. Jamna figures out that she gave poison to Zara. Regardless, she decides to dig up her. While she’s doing that, Munna sees it. Then there is a funny scene of Munna and Jamna fighting. In end Munna runs away from there to tell the truth to everyone.

At temple, everyone is worried where Indira is. Rishi tries to call, but it’s unreachable. Indira is shown in the car, going to her mother.

Zara opens her eyes and Jamna gives her hot water so poison can come out.

Munna reaches the temple and tells everyone, Indira won’t come because Jamna killed her. Everyone is shocked. Ammu cannot believe it and thinks Munna is drunk. Soon Zara and Jamna come there and everyone is relieved.

Precap: Zara says, it was Munna, not Jamna, who tried to kill her. Munna is in complete disbelief.

Update Credit to: Julia

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