Hitler Didi 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 15th January 2013 Written Update

Munna Radhe LW are all dancing in CC street. In SN Kutumbh and Savita are preparing for welcoming Zara and Rishi.Indu tries to stop Indira but Munna tells her to go.Kutumbh is doing the rituals and on seeing them Indira thinks that her doll also is a bride and stands next to Rishi.Meher says Zara is the bride so only she’ll be performing all the rituals.Everyone are upsets and Kutumbh says to Savita to continue on with the rituals and Savita puts the kalasha of rice and Kutumbh tells Zara to push it and enter when Indira pushes it after which she’s happy.

Seher is angry and says due to hindu religion this is a bad omen.Kutumbh asks Inira to stay away,and tells Seher Indira is like a kid.Kutumbh asks Savita to bring some more rice,but there are no more rice in SN.Everyone begins to laugh.Kutumbh suggests to use the same rice but Seher opposes to the idea as, after such a long time her sis in law is seeing some happiness.Seher asks Radhe to buy some more rice and the rituals gets completed.Rishi enters with both Zara and Indira.Kutumbh blesses them for lots of happiness in their married life.Seher asks Zara to come with her but Rishi keeps on looking at Indira.He wants to go near Indira but Radhe stops him and makes him sit near Zara.Indira begins to dance near Zara and her clothes are being ruined.Seher gets angry and stops Indira.Indu arrives in rescue of Indira and asks everyone not to call her mom as mad.She also claims why she accepted zara…
Rishi asks Indu to bring Indira with her,arriving in Rishi room they see savita dressing the room and bed of Rishi and Zara for their nuptial night.indu asks Savita what is going on and Savita tells her that she’ll know about nuptial night when she’ll grow up.

All the ceremony after wedding is going on,the ring searching ceremony also is done and Rishi makes Zara win.She asks him why he did so and he says this is the best way to say thanks.Seher gives Rishi a chain and asks him to tie it around Zara neck as this is her gift.Rishi keeps on looking at Zara romantically.munna asks him to control himself as he’s holding her in front of everyone.Savita also asks him to be less romantic and takes Zara upstairs.Savita says to Rishi he’ll meet Zara in his room.
kutumbh brings Zara near her room and tells her to in while she’s sending Rishi.
Zara enters and sees Indira with Indu on her bed.

PRECAP:Indu asks Zara if this is her bed? She tells Zara everytjng belongs to Indira in this house and if she has forgotten the deal.
zara is shown dressing like Indira and leaving for her job.

Update Credit to: KajAnj

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