Hitler Didi 14th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Hitler Didi 14th May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 14th May 2013 Written Update

Very sad episode today. Rishi, Indu, Indira all are hurt today…

Seeing Rishi out of control, Indira decides to stop him by herself. Rishi tells her today every single family member insulted him in front of everyone, but he will prove himself. Mehar tells Neha not to leave Rishi this easily and suggests her to file a police complain. Right then police comes with gas supplier owner to arrest him for 2 lakh rupees fraud. Munna steps back and everyone supports him saying he was blind when that happened and it’s Rishi who spent all in gambling. Everyone is asking Indira for justices. Indira has no choice, but to ask police to take him from there. Indu asks Indira to do something to stop police from taking him, Indira is just crying. Indu takes her outside where police is putting Rishi in the

van. She tells Indira, you have big contacts, please call someone and stop this. Indira’s phone is left in the house, so she goes to take it.

Rishi tells Indira that he doesn’t care what people will think.. as long as Indira has faith in him, he will prove that he didn’t do anything wrong. He asks her to take care of child and don’t worry about anything. Indira tells him about her decision for the unborn baby. She says, I have decided not to bring this baby. Rishi asks her how can she do that. Indira says, what will I say when baby asks me about his father? That he was a liar, useless, and did all this? I can’t do that. Rishi keeps telling her not to do this while police is taking him away. After the van leaves, Indu finally comes and runs behind the van and in end she has to give up. Indira goes to her and hugs her. She says, I tried so hard so you don’t have to face life that I had in my childhood, but your father also came out to be like my father. Indu pushes her back and says, don’t say anything about my dad.. he’s my hero and I know he hasn’t done anything wrong. And as you broke your relationship with him, what relationship you have with me now? She leaves and Indira cries.

When Indira returns home, her shameless family members say whatever happened was right.. good he went to jail and now once again they will listen what Indira says and are ready to get rid off line that was drawn in the house. Indira doesn’t respond.

In police van, Rishi tells his police friend, I saw faith for me in your eyes.. for that faith please do something. I can’t see my child dying. Police friend releases him and lets him take his gun. Rishi then points gun at him and asks other cops to stop the car and let him go. He runs away.

Indira gets hurt when she gets this news. She tells Indu, your father (Rishi) also ran away like my father (Inder).. both came out to be a loser who ran away. Episode ends on her crying face.

Precap: Indira once again gets ready to take care of her all family members. She doesn’t have enough money. She says in that if I give birth to another child, then he will only be left being one of her responsibilities as well and she doesn’t want to give such life to her baby. Indu overhears that.

Update Credit to: Julia

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