Hitler Didi 13th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 13th May 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 13th May 2013 Written Update

-Inder gets scared as all truth is coming out. Before Rishi says anything, Inder takes him on a side and begs him, emotionally blackmails him for not telling truth to everyone. Inder says that he regrets for what he has done and if truth comes out, then Indira will send him out from the house. He won’t have any place to go.
-Indira asks Rishi if what Neha is saying is truth. He says, yes. Indira is shocked.
-Neha’s family asks for justice. Indira takes off Rishi’s belt and gives it to Neha to punish him by beating him with the belt.
-Neha is about to beat him, but Indira stops and says that punishment will be very little for him. He needs tougher punishment. She asks Neha to beat her as it will hurt Rishi more. Neha doesn’t move.
-Indira takes the belt and starts beating herself. Rishi tries to stop, but she says that she will beat herself more if Rishi goes closer. Rishi steps back.
-Indu comes with the report in her hand and asks Rishi to stop her as she is pregnant. Rishi goes to stop Indira, but she pushes him back.
-Indiar is about to hit herself on stomach, but Indu blocks it on the last moment. Indu asks her why is she punishing the baby that’s inside her. Indira finally realizes that she is pregnant and she drops belt on the floor, and hugs Indu.
-Rishi says enough is enough and asks Inder to tell truth to everyone.
-Inder says truth was just told by Rishi and when Rishi says it was him who did this, he refuses it.
-All family members take Inder’s side. Indiar’s mother says that they dropped Inder at home only, and he never went there. Munna also says that he was not with them. Neha too says that this happened with her and she knows it was Rishi.
-Indira does not know who to believe. She asks Rishi if they left Inder at home. Rishi says yes, but he followed and came there. Inder refuses.
-Rishi is angry at Inder and catches his collar and doesn’t leave him. Indu goes to stop, but Rishi pushes her back. Indira saves Indu from falling down and is shocked seeing such behavior from Rishi.

Precap: Everyone is asking Indira for justice. Indira tells cops to take him. Cops arrest Rishi.

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