Hitler Didi 12th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 12th July 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 12th July 2013 Written Update

The show starts with Rishi receiving a call from Indira while Indira is standing beside him. He thinks how can this be possible?
He answers back and Zara tries to convince him she’s Indira and is in Sharma Nivas at present so he hold Indira arm and put his phone on loudspeaker and Zara continues to act as Indira. She asks whether she got the letter she left for him before leaving.
Rishi asks Indira who’s she she must be Zara as the phone number is indicating… Indira is perplexed and says how can it be possible. She checks on her phone and Rishi takes it from her to check her number, Indira has flashback how could the phone changed… When she was fighting with Jamuna.

Indira says it to Rishi but to no avail as he slaps him. Indira is shocked and asks Rishi to call to Sharma

Nivas but Zara answers the phone (In India when a call is diverted a voice does not indicate it?) Indira understands what Zara did and explains that she was once a cop and is using the same techniques to play all these games.
Indira decides to leave as Rishi doesn’t believe her and Rishi holds his hand asking where she’s going she says to SN and not to follow her.
She says a person can’t be in two places at the same time so she’s leaving for Sharma Nivas. This really frightens Zara… She thinks what will she do now?
Rishi decides to take Indira to Sharma Nivas and Ammo asks Rishi where’s he going he says if he would have said all about Zara today he would not have got to search for the truth.
They leave Ammo house and arrive at SN.

Rishi calls for his Shreematiji and no one answers. He goes upstairs follows by Indira and the latter is shocked to see Zara sleeping sleeping in her room. (I must say Zara is really a jet) Rishi calls for her she acts as if she was deeply sleeping and on seeing Rishi she’s extremely happy. She shows him her tummy saying that her pregnancy is bloating. Rishi is happy and she makes as if she’s not happy on seeing Indira.They both fight for Rishi both says to each to leave Rishi hand.
Indira goes to remove the fake tummy Zara put on her to show she’s pregnant and Zara just hit her head by herself to show Rishi that Zara(aka Indira) is still mad and suggests to send her to the mental asylum.Both ladies are fighting to prove Rishi who’s Zara…

Indira is following Zara downstairs and she feels lots of pain in her tummy Zara also acts as if she’s in pain and says that Indira to prove herself is taking help of Chikkoo…
Rishi is confused.
Indu comes in the hall and Indira asks her to decide who’s her true mom and to tell it to Rishi. Zara says finally she proved herself to be Zara and asks a child to choose. Zara asks Indu to come to her . Indu points Zara as her true mom and Indira is shattered. Zara calls Indu who runs and hugs her. Zara shows the thumb down to Indira.

PRECAP: Indira is pleading to Rishi to explain to Indu that she’s her mom Rishi raises his hand to slap Indira… Indur holds his hand saying she’s her daughter and he recognises her. Though the others can mistake to recognise her.

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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