Hitler Didi 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 12th February 2013 Written Update

Rishi tells Zara that he is very happy that she entered his life. Zara gets a call and she leaves to attend it. She asks if the work is done. Rishi again searches the cupboard for clue. Zara says that in the fare as soon as Indira and Indu step under the sheet (which is offered to the Lord) they will die.Rishi hears this and says that he will make sure of Indu and Indira’s security. He tampers with the handcuffs and goes to Zara and handcuffs and says blood. Zara gets scared. Rishi laughs and says he was joking. Zara asks where did he get the handcuff from. Rishi says he got it in the cupboard. He asks who she was talking to on phone and adds that may be its someone else he loves. Zara says no one can come between them. Indira pushes her and she slips. Indu and Rishi laugh on her.

Zara says that she did not expect him to laugh. Rishi tells her to calm down and it was only a small mischief. He also apologizes on Indira’s behalf side. Zara says that its ok and thinks that its just one more day. Indu says that Zara kidnapped Indira and she should be jailed. Rishi slaps her. Indira through gestures tells him that Indu is right. Rishi thinks that this is what he was waiting for. He leaves with Indira and Indu.

Rishi takes both of them to the room. Indu asks him why he didn’t get Zara arrested. Rishi says that he has a plan and convinces her not to anything to ruin it. Indu kisses him and they hug.

During the night, Zara goes to meet someone night and asks if everything is done. The guy reassures her and warns her that the blast might kill hundreds of people. Zara tells him to leave and not to return again. She also leaves for home but sees Munna and Kutumb. She asks them about what they were doing there. Munna and Kutumb tell her not to act smart and they have heard everything. Zara points the gun towards them. Munna threatens her by showing her the phone and says he has recorded everything and he will now tell everything to commissioner. They say that they want SN back. Zara says that Indira has to die for that and leaves the decision to them.

Indira is sleeping and gets a dream *she is wearing a burkhah & walking on a road with some people* Indu sees her restlessness and asks what happened. Indira tries to explain her but Indu does not understand. Indu tells her to sleep as next day they have to go to dargah where Rishi will execute his plan.

Next day at dargah, Zara tells Indira to wear a veil as its not allowed to enter dargah bare head. Munna and Kutumb signal Zara.

Precap: Zara sees,a torn white kurta after the blasts and thinks that she has killed Rishi. just then she spots Indira and is damn irritated.

Update Credit to: saumya

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