Hitler Didi 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 11th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Rishi asking Zara about the post mortem reports since she was the one who handed it over to Rishi. Zara says that it was Vanraj who gave her the reports. vanraj says that may be she tampered with the reports after he gave it to her. Zara slaps him ( I bet she is Indira , she simply loves slapping these days ) and orders him to go. he retorts saying that he is ready to leave but how did she know about the spotlight. She says that she has sources and says that no one trusts her. Rishi says he does and they hug (how do I tell you how much I love you Rishi ) . Indira tries to push Zara away but Rishi tells her not to. Indira thinks of her recent interaction with Zara.

Rishi goes to ACP and asks him to arrest Zara since she has killed Savita but ACP rejects the

idea. Rishi rides back remembering all their good memories. He feels cheated by zara and says that he can never forgive her and that his first love is his only love. He reaches back and hugs Indira and cries. She wipes his tears n says tells him to smile (of course without speaking) . Rishi says that she understands everything even when she is mentally unstable but Zara being normal is doing such hopeless things. they join hands in collecting proofs against Zara. Indira takes him to the secret tunnel. They open the lid where Zara is cleaning the blood on the wall. Zara hides in the corner on hearing the sound of Rishi opening the lid.

Rishi lights a lighter (why was he carrying one he smokes, I didn’t know ). He looks here and there and gets slipped. He gets up and says that no one is here and that may be he misunderstood something. He says he is leaving but hides there. Zara starts going upstairs and says that Rishi won’t get anything as she has taken care of the proofs. Zara leaves and Rishi comes out and looks at the hand cuffs that he found when he slipped. He starts searching in the cupboard and Zara comes there and asks him if he is searching for something. he says he was searching for her veil because he is feeling bad for her and its time that they should have their “suhaagraat” zara gets suspicious and says that she wants to find the culprit before that and asks him if he got any leads. he says that he got the secret passage but couldn’t find anything there. no both as i gone to d passage but didnt find anything. Zara asks him why he didn’t take her along. He says its romance time and asks if she can murder someone for his love and zara (being Zara) replies affirmatively. Rishi says that this love is very dangerous. Zara tells him to bunk that and tells him that there is a “peer ka mela” and its believed that mad people can be treated there so they should take Indira. Rishi says she is such a nice human being and does so much for Indira. She says she always pays for Indira ( to get killed, yudhishtir tactics ha! )

Update Credit to: Farheen Naaz

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